Alpha Delta Pi's sorority house on UCF's main campus.

A UCF sorority was suspended last month following allegations of violations and misconduct, documents show.

The Alpha Delta Pi sorority was suspended in July by UCF’s Office of Student Conduct, following an investigation into a complaint involving a GroupMe chat with dozens of members, according to documents obtained by Knight News. The decision outlined 16 charges of violations of UCF’s Golden Rule.


The suspension, first reported by WFTV, is stemming from a complaint by a now former sorority member which detailed misconduct documented in GroupMe messages, including: underage drinking, selling prescription drugs and the posting of a half naked picture of a sorority member who was intoxicated, according to the documents.

The picture of a member naked from the waist down was shared on the Groupme chat, according to the documents of which the picture was redacted. The complainant stated that the member “was inebriated at the time of capture.”

Group chat messages also revealed the selling of driver’s licences to members under the age of 21, in addition to members offering to pay other students to do their homework.

The complainant was a member at the time but has since ended her membership, saying in her complaint to UCF that “I will not stand for this behavior anymore.”

The complainant revealed that she complained to the sorority’s leadership but they did nothing in response and that “[Alpha Delta Pi] is riddled with lawsuits waiting to happen.”

Under the interim suspension Alpha Delta Pi is barred from any activities including recruitment. However, a hearing is set for next week to determine if they will be able to participate in recruitment, which is set to begin in a couple of weeks, WFTV reported.

Knight News reached out to the UCF chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, but they have not responded as of yet. Their national office, however, sent a statement in response to WFTV’s request for comment.

“We have learned of allegations of improper conduct by some members of the Zeta Omega chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at the University of Central Florida. The behavior in question does not align with our values or our high standards of academic excellence. Alpha Delta Pi’s International Officers and Executive Office staff are working closely with the University to conduct a thorough investigation.”

UCF commended the complainant for coming forward.

“While it’s not the university’s practice to comment on ongoing conduct cases, UCF does want to recognize the courage it took to come forward with these allegations,” UCF Spokeswoman Courtney Gilmartin said in an email. “We applaud this complainant’s bravery in speaking up and their commitment to the safety and well-being of others.”