Photo by Knight News Photographer Megan Turner.

UCF SGA President Kyler Gray and USF SGA President Britney Deas announced Friday they are raising the stakes by placing a friendly wager on the upcoming rivalry football matchup.

The pair bet that if USF wins, Gray must fly the USF flag outside of his office for a month and wear USF’s green and gold to campus on Monday.


However, if the Knights win, Deas promised to abide by the same terms — flying the UCF flag outside of her office and wearing the Knights’ black and gold on Monday.

“The War on I-4 is real! It has been a long-standing tradition that the USF student body president and the UCF student body president bet on this contentious football game,” Deas said in an Instagram post.

The Knights take on the visiting Bulls on Friday at 8 p.m. inside of Spectrum Stadium for the 11th battle in the War on I-4.