Photo courtesy of UCF Student Legal's Twitter.

UCF’s Student Legal Services will be on Zoom Thursday at 12 p.m. to address questions students may have about leases.

UCF attorney Jaime Owen said the event is the first of its kind and is how the office is handling the university’s transition to remote instruction.


The link to the Zoom can be found here.

She said Student Legal Services heard the UCF community and wanted to answer any questions, provide resources, and hopefully supply options for students who seem stuck in leases with off-campus housing communities.

Although UCF has no control over off-campus housing properties, Owen said helping students understand what resources and options are available to them is essential.

Owen said that there will be a chat function available during the video conference for students to be able to ask the questions that are specific to their housing situation.

“Were trying to get good info out to you guys,” Owen said. “We’re trying to put the ball in your court.”

Owen said Student Legal Services is seeing if this is an effective method to reach out to students — she said it is new and a format different than the office normally utilizes.

“The mission of Student Legal Services is to help students resolve legal problems that may adversely affect their well-being and interfere with their academic and professional goals,” its website states.

The next event will be held on April 9 and discuss criminal and traffic issues.

On April 16 the topic of discussion will be credit, and on April 23 the topic will be auto insurance. All Zoom events start at 12 p.m.

While the university is limited to essential faculty and staff during the coronavirus pandemic, Student Legal Services is still able to conduct phone appointments, according to its website.

Student Legal Services can be reached at or 407-823-2538.