Photo by Megan Turner.

UCF announced Friday that summer commencement ceremonies will be held virtually on Aug. 1.

“We understand that commencement ceremonies are a major milestone in the lives of our graduates and the loved ones who have supported them on their educational journey,” UCF said in the statement.


UCF said the virtual ceremony will not replace the traditional ceremony and the university is committed to rescheduling traditional summer and spring commencements at a future date.

UCF alumnus and top Disney executive George Kalogridis will deliver video remarks to graduates, the announcement states.

“We are committed to rescheduling traditional Summer and Spring commencements at a future date,” the statement reads.

Cap and gown rentals will remain available for students who want to take photos, and Herff Jones will refund students who prefer to cancel their cap and gown order completely, according to the Friday statement.

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