Stetson University senior Austin Wuennenberg died doing what he loved – driving the monorail around Walt Disney World.

In the early morning hours on July 5 another monorail train came crashing into Wuennenberg’s cockpit. The 21-year-old died on Disney property.


Federal officials from the National Transportation Safety Board found no mechanical problems with the trains, so suspicion is being cast on operator error for the fatal crash.

WESH 2 News reports the manager and coordinator who was controlling the trains left Disney property to eat at a Denny’s or Perkins, and was controlling the trains via radio at the restaurant.

The same staff operators who were allegedly eating off Disney property when Wuennenberg died, were also spotted by a witness directing monorail trains from the bathroom stall at McDonalds off Disney property in the past, according to a witness who spoke to WESH 2 News.

Wuennenberg had a loving a girlfriend, Nalini Narine, who spoke at a memorial service held Saturday.

“We had a lot of amazing memories at Disney,” Narine said.

Facebook groups are popping up in memory of Wunnenberg.

Disney officials have reopened the monorail system after this crash, however, no Disney guests are allowed to ride in the cockpit anymore.

Disney is not releasing much information related to the crash, but did confirm to local media outlets that three employees working on the monorail at the time of the crash are suspended at this time.