The latest polling data as of July 10 showed the percentage of Americans who strongly or somewhat approve of how President Barack Obama is doing his job has fallen to 51 percent in the latest Rasmussen polling — the lowest ever.

Conservative commentators like Dick Morris jumped at the decrease, calling it a big problem.


“President Obama has crossed the red line in his dropping approval rating,” said conservative commentator Dick Morris.


Obama Polling Graph

“Because Obama got 52 percent of the vote in the presidential race, defeating McCain by 52-47, the fact that his approval has dropped below his vote share indicates that he is actually shedding real support for the first time.

“Until this drop, all Obama was doing was losing McCain voters. Now he is losing his own. It didn’t really matter whether people who voted for McCain approved of the job Obama was doing. They were never part of his base. But now voters who pulled the lever for Obama have started to tell pollsters that they disapprove of his job performance. As he wades deeper into the healthcare reform battle, raises taxes to pay for it and pushes cap-and-trade legislation, the drop is likely to be even sharper and much, much steeper,” Morris added.

So what do you think?

Comment below to debate Obama’s slip in the polls. Do you think he’s doing a good job and the dip is temporary, or is this the start of a trend that will lead to him being booted out of office.

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