In high school, students usually knew who to ask for help, or at least were grouped with other freshmen so together they could find their way around what now seems like was  just a three-square-foot campus.

Yet, when you arrive to UCF where there are 52,000 students, and they all share a campus the size of a small city, so it’s no wonder why so many freshmen are walking around as if they were lost.


Here at, we decided to ask five freshmen what they wish to know about their new campus, how to ensure that they stay here at UCF is as successful as possible, and also as entertaining as it can be, too.


Here are their questions:

Roger (Freshmen): I’d like to know what the best times are to hit up the gym.

TJ from the Wellness Center: Well we’re usually pretty packed between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., so anything outside of that would be your best chance.

Kiana (Freshmen): Where can I get the cheapest food?

ANSWERS: (from multiple upperclassmen)

Joe: Well it really depends on what you like, but its always going to be off campus.

Melody: You should always hit up the local Walmart, buy some groceries and just cook them in your kitchen. And if you don’t live in an apartment style room, all of the communities have like a kitchen area, I think.

Jordan (Freshmen): What happens if I get locked out of my dorm?

Jesse: You can always go to your RA or your appropriate community building and they’ll let ya in.

So if you have any other questions that seem to need an answer, leave them in the comments. Someone is bound to help you out.