During the weekend a monumental event occured on campus…“My Big Fat Jewish Wedding.”


Hillel at UCF has made big strides in bringing elements of the Jewish tradition to the UCF campus. Here at KnightNews.com, we decided to take an inside look to see what exactly goes on at a Jewish wedding. It was held on Saturday, Sept. 12 in the Venue (the old UCF Arena). Hundreds of students poured in wearing their semi-formal wedding attire ready to bring the Venue to life.

Of course, like most weddings, there is a bride and groom, they say their vows and exchange rings and get wedding dress alterations. We all know that part. But what about a wedding where the to-be-married couple steps on and shatters a glass to symbolize their union? Yea, that really happens. Anyway, as that ceremony finishes, the bride, groom and guests make their way over to the dance floor and buffet. As we spoke with many of the guests, the number one most important part of a Jewish wedding, in these students’ opinions, was the quality and quantity of food. Yes, you heard us: the quality of the food was paramount, more so than the love shared between the bride and groom. Of course, this is not the belief shared by the religion, but just those young and new freshmen who go to every possible event where free food is served.


There were many single UCF students and, believe us, there was plenty of mingling. We caught a few kissing scenes, but decided not to publish them on the site. Instead, they were sold to Girls Gone Wild. That is entirely a joke–they were NOT sold to anyone.

As we moved through the wedding crowd, we were able to meet a few girls who shed some light on why people should get married, one very sweaty sophomore and even a few girls who seemed to never stop talking–we eventually cut their interview short in an effort to save film for the rest of the story.

All in all, the event was quite enjoyable, and the students all clearly had a blast. First Hillel had a Bar-Mitzvah, now they had a wedding and who knows what is next? Maybe next year there will be a circumcision. Only time will tell.

Mazel Tov!

…oh yea, and about that broken glass…well, we will just assume was half full.


Event photos are available online: