staff recently went to see the Blue Man Group at Universal Studio’s Sharp Aquos Theater.

The show was incredible, and a short explanation wouldn’t do justice to the stellar performance that was so all-encompassing: it made us laugh, it made us cry and, most importantly, it made us want to tell everyone we know to see the show.

As we made ourselves comfortable in our seats in the theater, we could feel the energy in the room as the college-aged crowd filled the room. Now, ordinarily when you wait for a show to begin anywhere else, you sort of sit and twiddle your thumbs until the lights go out.

Not at Blue Man Group.

The pre-show starts with digital signs displaying hilarious commentary that makes the audience happy they got there on time. They are interactive in nature, and induce audience participation, at one point even having the audience sing happy birthday to someone in the audience. It was a riot.

Then the show began.

For those who are unfamiliar with the actual show, it consists of three mime-like characters, fully painted in blue. Although they do not speak even a single word throughout the show, they are as funny as stand up comedians while boasting the musical percussion talent of a rock band.

Oh boy do they use props!

Were they drumming while tossing around paint and making works of art? Yes.

Were they tossing over 20 marshmallows across the stage as a single blue man caught them all in his mouth, one by one, without removing any? Yes.

Is the Blue Man Group promoter probably annoyed that we are giving away parts of the act? Yes.

But you know what? There is really no way to describe what goes on in that theater without giving such details. In fact, some of the best parts of the show were when they brought up unsuspecting members of the audience and had them join in on the act.

What makes this show have such longevity in Orlando is that each and every performance is unique. Much like improv, there is a framework to their performance, but there is no script. This free-for-all of on-stage talent is surely the recipe for success.

It’s a great place to bring a date if you really want to make a great impression, especially since it’s right on Universal’s City Walk. However, it’s also loads of fun to go with a group of friends, or with your fraternity or sorority (especially if you can get one of the members of your party to get up on stage). In fact, just go ahead and admit that you are running out of things to do with your parents when they visit –that’s right, take them to go see Blue Man Group. urges all students to get tickets to go see the show, especially since the SGA Ticket Office in the student union sells discount tickets for half off the regular price.