The race for this year’s Greek Sports Cup is on, and just got a YouReport cell phone video submitted by Phi Delta Theta, showing clips from its basketball game against Alpha Tau Omega Wednesday night.


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Basketball is one of three major fall sports fraternities compete in to win the Greek Sports Cup. The others in fall are 7 on 7 flag football and baseball. Whoever wins the most games gets the most points. Whoever has the most points from spring and fall wins the cup, and is named the overall Greek IM Sports champion of the year.

So far this year, Phi Delt is leading with 1155 points, Alpha Tau Omega is second with 1043 and Lambda Chi Alpha is third with 1032 overall points from spring and fall, according to the most recent stats posted by UCF’s Rec and Wellness Center.

However, Phi Delt’s back-to-back wins against Alpha Tau Omega, including Tuesday’s 46-23 win in basketball and last Wednesday’s 19-0 win in flag football, will likely allow Lambda Chi to move up to second place, creating a Lambda Chi vs. Phi Delt race for the overall top spot.

On Tuesday, Lambda Chi defeated Alpha Epsilon Pi in an intense double-overtime game. Currently, Lambda Chi and Phi Delt are the only two undefeated basketball teams in Gold League, the IM Sports top division. The two top teams will meet in week 5 in what will be a crucial match-up in the race for the Greek Cup.

Up until Wednesday night, Phi Delt, Lambda Chi and AEPi were the only undefeated Gold League football teams, although Lambda Chi and AEPi tied in week three. Phi Delt maintained its first place ranking in football by edging out AEPi by one point Wednesday in an intense 13-12 game, dropping AEPi to third place behind second place Lambda Chi.

But Lambda Chi still has a chance to ruin Phi Delt’s perfect football season. The two teams will face off Oct. 21 in what is shaping up to be a crucial game for both sides hoping to claim a championship in football and the Greek Cup this year.

Baseball starts Thursday, where Theta Chi tends to be more competitive, making the race for a Gold League Baseball championship less predictable than basketball or football. Black League baseball should also prove competitive, with FIJI, Sigma Pi and AEPi all hoping to claim the top spot there, and then move up to Gold League next year.

In Black League football, Sigma Pi and Kappa Sigma are both fighting for the top spot. In Wednesday’s game, Kappa Sigma edged out Sigma Pi in a low-scoring, frustrating contest, in which a safety by Kappa Sig resulted in the only points scored, to give them a 2-0 win.

If Kappa Sig wins its remaining two games, the team will win the Black League championship, and then move into Gold League football, replacing whoever comes in last place in Gold League this year.

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