The staff at made a special music video about one of the scariest demons haunting UCF right now — the swine flu!

Even though this is a serious problem at UCF, it’s still about time someone had a little fun with it. And that someone, of course, is Watch this video, send the link to your friends, and let’s show all those pigs out there that H1N1 may just be nothing more than a four-letter word for “pure, unadulterated fun!”



So there you have it, Swine Flu: The Musical. We hope you enjoyed our Halloween treat.

Sure, people are piling into the UCF Health Center left and right, leaving with 105.5 fevers and wearing surgical masks, but that is quite convenient around Halloween anyway since those wearing masks can pretend to be Michael Jackson, as it was his trademark apparel in his later years. Ouch…too soon? Maybe.

But on the serious note, staff wants to remind you of some tips to avoid having swine flu, or H1N1, ruin your night of fun on Halloween.

Bobbing for apples? Don’t even think about it — at least not this year. If you do, then call it what it is: bobbing for swine.

If you’re thinking of sharing Halloween masks with other people, think again. Doing so can spread the swine from person to person, and give new meaning to the “trick” in trick or treat.

With a shortage of the swine flu vaccine across the country, this could help keep us all swine flu free at UCF.

Oh yea, and if you really want to help raise awareness and beat this epidemic, go out and buy one of those little piggy banks to start saving your money. Because as we all know, nothing get’s back at swine more than shoving money into glass pig rectums and smashing them open when we need gas money.*

*Disclaimer: In no way, whatsoever, does using a piggy bank actually deter any sort of flu epidemic, domestic or foreign. If you believed that statement, then never read a parody ever again.