UPDATE: 11/10 1:30 p.m. Central Florida News 13 meteorologists are now saying the remnants of Tropical Storm Ida will now head toward the Carolinas, and not toward Central Florida. The meteorologists do predict a cold front moving toward us will bring rains overnight. Temperatures will then cool down after the front moves through.

Tropical Storm Ida has been downgraded from a hurricane, and is not headed directly for UCF, but we are still expecting the storm to affect weather in our area.


Leaders of UCF Homecoming 2009 told KnightNews.com that tonight’s Movie Knight Event has been moved from the outdoor venue at Memory Mall to the UCF Arena, since that venue will provide shelter from any storms.

According to meteorologist reports, Ida should hit the Florida panhandle or Alabama coasts within the next  day or so, and then move east. Ida, or its remnants, are expected to then move east towards Central Florida, potentially bringing heavy rains and thunderstorms.

Central Florida News 13 is forecasting that we could experience the worst of the storm late Tuesday night and into early Wednesday morning.

The storm had 70 mph winds as of 3 p.m. Monday, and was expected to weaken.

State leaders are watching the storm.

This was a surprise, no one expected a storm so late in the season.
Ruben Almaguer, Fl Division of Emergency Managment.

“This was a surprise, no one expected a storm so late in the season,” Ruben Almaguer, of the Florida Division of Emergency Managment, announced during a 3 p.m. briefing.

As promised, KnightNews.com will continue monitoring the tropics, and will continue working with UCF and Homecoming officials to alert you of how the storm could impact UCF Homecoming plans this week.

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Here is the latest track from NOAA:

Latest Track From NOAA
Latest Track From NOAA