After one year of battling it out on the courts and fields of UCF’s IM Sports facilities, the Greek Cup Champions have been announced — and it was done via twitter.

Delta Delta Delta and Phi Delta Theta clinch Greek Points Trophy for 2009. It’s Tri -Delt’s 4th (first since 2001) and Phi-Delt’s first ever,” read today’s tweet from @IMSports.

Ironically, the win for Tri Delt and Phi Delt comes after they spent the week togetherĀ as homecoming partners. reached Phi Delt sports chair Tommy Oreste for his reaction.

“I’m extremely proud of Phi Delt and what we have accomplished,” Oreste said. “Our hard work has finally paid off and we look forward to defending our title again next year.”

We’re still trying to get a hold of Tri Delt for reaction. If you are a sister who’d like to give a comment, post it below under your facebook name, or e-mail us at, and we’ll include it here.

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