If you live near UCF and have a nativity scene outside, watch out — some apparent grinches are out stealing the baby Jesus.

At least five plastic statues of the baby Jesus were stolen sometime early this Christmas morning from the University Estates neighborhood off McCulloch Rd., right behind UCF.

“One lady almost cried, and the other two were just really upset someone would do it,” Bill Cekala, who also had his Jesus stolen, told Fox 35.

All the reindeer, bows, ribbons and holiday bells were spared, according to Fox, and the baby Jesus was specifically targeted.

“I dont want to say hate crime, Cekala said, “but that crossed my mind: Why would it only be Jesus?”

His neighbor, Jean Mauer, also had her baby Jesus stolen.

“I think someone is really trying to take God out of the season,” Mauer said, but quickly added that the thief failed.

“They didn’t steal anything from us, because we have the nativity, we have our beliefs in our heart,” she told Fox 35.

The victims called the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, but authorities reportedly refused to investigate because even though the baby Jesus means so much to those who lost it, it’s monetary value of $60 to $70 is not enough to warrant further action.