A couple weeks ago KnightNews.com gave you a quick quick recap of how UCF fraternity rush turned out, and also put up a fun poll about which fraternity you thought had the best pledge class.

By mistake, when we went down the list on IFC’s Web site to make that poll, we forgot to add Delta Upsilon, because when we added Delta Tau Delta, we mistakenly skipped to the next fraternity on the list that didn’t start with a Delta.


Back then we promised to make it right when we got the final numbers from IFC by having a run off election. Well, the final numbers of accepted bids are in. We have them published below.

The top three were Phi Delta Theta with 26 pledges, Delta Upsilon with 25 pledges, and Lambda Chi Alpha with 20 pledges, according to numbers provided by IFC.

On our first poll, 24 percent of you voted Phi Delt’s pledge class as the best, and Lambda Chi came in second with 10 percent of you voting them the best. Since Phi Delt and Lambda Chi were the top winners in our first poll, and DU was left out of the first poll, and basically tied with Phi Delt for the most pledges, we have selected Phi Delt, DU and Lambda Chi for our run off election of best spring fraternity pledge class.

Happy voting.

1. 26 – Phi Delta Theta
2. 25 – Delta Upsilon
3. 20 – Lambda Chi Alpha
4. 18 – Kappa Sigma
5. 16 – Alpha Tau Omega
6. 16 – Theta Chi
7. 12 – Sigma Chi
8. 12 – Delta Tau Delta
9. 12 – Zeta Beta Tau
10. 11 – Alpha Epsilon Pi
11. 13 – Sigma Pi
12. 13 – Tau Kappa Epsilon
13. 8 – Sigma Nu
14. 3 – FIJI