The Waka Flocka Flame charity concert, Wild for the Knight, came to life on Friday to help raise money for Orange County Public Schools.

The concert for a cause took place Sept. 4 at The Venue on the University of Central Florida campus.

“I was really excited to see everyone come out. This has been in the works since summer so it’ll be great to see the final product,” said Alpha Tau Omega President Lincoln Devine.

Devine explained that the experience of creating this fundraising event with the other fraternities had never been done before, making it a fun project filled with energy.

“We chose OCPS because we wanted to rally behind a local cause that everyone can get behind. Public school funding has been cut drastically over the past 10 years so we thought it would be a great cause to contribute to,” Devine stated.

This year’s 2015-2016 Orange County Public Schools Title 1 federal program list soars at 112 schools, six new schools added to the list just this year. These schools have a high percentage of students that live in poverty so the funds and support raised by the concert will be well received in the local district.

“I would definitely want to do something like this again but on an even bigger scale. I hope to see future rounds of leaders bring in more fraternities over time and make this a signature event for UCF and the Greek community,” Devine said.

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It was an eventful night for all that attended, especially UCF’s very own senior and radio-television major Mikayla Duncan who opened at the concert.

As seen last night, Duncan is no fresh face to large crowds. Duncan told that she has performed the national anthem at a Tampa Bay Rays game as well as for the Orlando Magic.

Duncan aspires to make and perform more original music to share with the world. She hopes to have gained supporters from her performance at the concert.