Knight-thon is one of UCF’s largest philanthropic efforts, which takes place yearly on campus to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network; this year, Knight-thon raised more than $62,000. paid a visit to the old Arena to check out some of the action:

According to the Knight-thon Web site, Knight-Thon is students, student organizations, and community members coming together around a common cause. In this collegiate philanthropy, student teams raise money year round through fundraising events and personal appeals. In the spring, students stand for 13.1 hours to celebrate their fundraising efforts and the kids they are raising money to support. Knight-Thon is UCF students standing for a cause, standing to help their community, standing to help local kids at local hospitals.

The main purpose of Knight-Thon is to raise money and awareness for Children’s Miracle Network. But why do we stand for 13.1 hours? Many of the children who are admitted into our local hospitals go through pain and suffering that most of us cannot even comprehend. The act of staying on our feet for over 13 hours is meant to give participants a greater appreciation and understanding of the struggles these kids go through every day.

Participants are faced with both mental and physical challenges in an effort to support these strong children. Knight-Thon is more than just a philanthropy; it is UCF’s way to stand in support of the brave children being treated at our local Children’s Hospitals. For The Kids We Are!