Have you been “Bro Iced” yet?

If you haven’t, you’ve probably at least heard of it happening to others at UCF on Facebook and are wondering what in the heck it means — and whether it could happen to you.


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Well, KnightNews.com did some digging, and found out that if you’re a “Bro” at UCF, you’re at risk of being Iced. The practice is becoming popular among UCF fraternities, and we’ve already seen pictures posted as proof.


So what is being Iced? And why are bros icing bros?

According to BrosIcingBros.com, you get Iced when one of your bros presents a Smirnoff Ice to another bro, and the receiving bro is then required to instantly get on one knee and chug the girly beverage — which many men find tastes disgusting — right there on the spot, regardless of how inappropriate of a place it might be.

Basically, it’s become a new drinking game that’s getting bigger every day.

“The best part of the game is that you can ice anyone in on the game at any moment in any place,” BrosIcingBros.com states. “Bro’s have been iced in restaurants, walking down the street, and at complete inappropriate times, which makes the game all the better.”

BrosIcingBros.com has published its official, “simple rules” of the game:

1.) You cannot refuse an ice. If you refuse to drink the ice you are instantly excommunicated and shunned, and thus can never ice another bro or be iced.

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2.) If you are iced by a fellow bro you can ice block. When presented w/ an ice, you pull out an ice of your own and reverse the ice on your bro. The ultimate ice insult.

In other words, if number two happens, it appears the attacker has to chug two Ices.

As many might have guessed, it appears some frat bros created the game. It appears to have originated at the College of Charleston, in South Carolina. From there, it seems to have spread to colleges in Columbia, South Carolina and through other colleges in the South.

Even police are getting in on it at the College of Charleston. Check out this YouTube video where one Bro got the surprise of his life:


Why is this Icing trend spreading so much?

According to a CNN report, a typical “Bro” is known as an “alpha consumer” who others mimic.

“There are certain individuals that define social structures and drive the decisions other consumers make,” Dr. Heather Honea, a marketing professor at San Diego State University, told CNN. “Infiltrating the fraternity or sorority market could be ideal.”

The Ice game has spread beyond just college frat boys, too.bro-icing-bros

There are reports of Icings by financial banking professionals at Goldman Sachs up on Wall Street in New York, as well as Raymond James Financial Services near Tampa.

As for Smirnoff Ice, they’ve denied starting this trend. A company spokesperson was quoted as saying, “Icing is consumer generated. And it’s not generated by Diageo. It’s not a marketing campaign.” The company also discourages “underage Icing.”

If you’ve been Iced by your bros, send us your pictures! We could post them here in the story. Just e-mail them to us at news@knightnews.com. Also, send us your stories and comments, we’ll be sure to update this story with more information about Knights Icing Knights.