UPDATE 5/12 2:00 PM: Our visitors asked us if Florida Pre-Paid will still apply towards rent at Pegasus Landing, and our research has led us to believe that the coverage is still up in the air.

In an email interview between UCF spokesman Grant Heston and KnightNews.com there seemed to be some uncertainty with what will happen with the coverage.

Heston said, “UCF is working with Florida Prepaid College Plan to determine how the suspension affects direct payments.”

KnightNews.com will work on getting you the answer check back for updates.

We had received a voicemail from a concerned parent about what was causing the mold and have discovered it was likely water intrusion into the walls. We are working to find the cause of the leakage will get back to you with more answers as we get them.

Just about two months after KnightNews.com’s investigative unit was first to uncover a mold infestation forced UCF student Albert Piedrahita out of his Pegasus Landing Apartment — after he was initially told to leave for “standard renovations” — the situation has come to a boiling point.

On one side is the University of Central Florida, which owns the land Pegasus Landing sits on, and announced on Friday it is suspending its affiliation ties with Pegasus Landing over the mold.

STATEMENT: Read UCF Statement
STATEMENT: Read Pegasus Landing Statement

On the other side is a company called CaPFA Capital Corp. 2000F, a Florida nonprofit corporation, which owns the apartment buildings where students live.

Caught in the middle are thousands of current UCF students, RA’s and future Knights who have leases at a property UCF promised was “affiliated” with the university.

What will this mean for students?

Students will not have RA’s patrolling or living at Pegasus Landing anymore, however, UCF police will still be on patrol.

The shuttle service will continue as normal, according to UCF.

KnightNews.com is investigating tips we’ve received from people close to the situation, regarding future developments that could come down as early as Monday. If you have a tip or angle we should investigate, e-mail us at news@knightnews.com, text our tipline at 407-5-tip-ucf, or click here to send us an anonymous tip.

While we investigate, complete statements from both sides are linked on the following page below, so you can decide who to believe.

READ UCF’s Statement