Orange County Commissioner Bill Segal sat down with for an exclusive one-on-one interview to discuss the questionable spending surrounding UCF SGA President Mike Kilbride’s retreat at a five-star Disney area resort, as well as his plans to bring jobs to Orange County for UCF grads to enjoy.

See Segal’s video shout out to UCF Coach George O’Leary and the UCF Knights

Segal, who is running for Orange County mayor and has so far been the most successful fundraiser, explained how the SGA retreat sounded “over the top” and “lavish,” and urged SGA to release all the documents regarding to the retreat, which were requested by, so the students can make “a proper and informed judgement.”

“I think it is vitally important that we have transparency and openness,” Segal said, during the exclusive interview with’s Kevin Wolkenfeld.

Segal pointed out that he has never gone on any conference or out of town trip at the taxpayer’s expense during his time on the Orange County Commission.

He went on to praise UCF and explain how he wants to work to bring jobs to the area for UCF graduates through his extensive 27 point plan.

“We’re proud of what [UCF] does for this community,” Segal said, adding that whenever he goes to speak somewhere he brings UCF up.