UPDATE 10/18/10: Check out this video from the Watermelon Bust games!


Not quite ready to say goodbye to summer? Can’t get enough of the beautiful UV rays (and people) UCF has to offer? Not looking forward to seeing everyone dressed in snowsuits and putting on that extra 5 (ok, 10)lbs. of winter “comfort weight”?

Well, you’re not alone. Neither does Lambda Chi Alpha. This prestigious group of gentlemen dedicates a week to activities, philanthropy, and just plain fun. The proceeds go towards the North American Food Drive(NAFD), which is designed to donate food locally to help those in need. Not only do our UCF boys do this, but ALL chapters participate in this national event the first Saturday of every November. They deliver tons of empty grocery bags with letters attached all around the community, all pleading for donations to feed the hungry, then after picking up the bags, and weighing them, they donate all proceeds to a local charity. This even has been happening since 1993, and since then has grown in multitude, and has become nationally known.

So where do we come in? This week the events have started, and if you’ve missed some, don’t worry! This Sunday is the Watermelon bust, which includes a day full of games set up by multiple Sororities, all involving, what else? Watermelon. There are shirts, food, games, and plenty of awesome people to hangout with, while helping out a great cause. Feel free to help the guys out and bring a canned good, while chowing down on some yummy watermelon.

So enjoy the last bit of sun and hangout at Lake Claire this Sunday at noon. And if the thought of helping out hundreds of people in need isn’t enough to get you out there just think: The opposite sex covered in watermelon? Sounds delish!

This week’s activities include(d):

Monday October 11th:
Watermelon Bust Party at Knight Library

Tuesday October 12th:
Lunch/Dinner at Silver Mine Subs (50% all proceeds go to NAFD)
2 PM – 8 PM

Thursday October 14th:
Dessert at Yogurtopia (50% all proceeds go to NAFD)
3 PM – 11 PM

Sunday October 17th:
12 PM (Noon)

Check ‘em out on Facebook at:

And to read more about the NAFD be sure to check this out: