What do UCF and MTV’s Jersey Shore have in common? Well, brace yourselves because they aren’t that different at all. When deciding on which school to attend, doesn’t it cross your mind “how’s the party scene?” That’s the main theme of MTV’s hit show. In both cases, males and females are put into different environments and tested in several aspects. In both cases, people are pushed to accomplish a particular goal. As stated by one UCF student, “I feel like Greek life is identical to the shore. Guys and girls go out, get drunk, and bring back people to spend the night with. Not everyone does this but that’s what I think of when I think about Greeks.” Can you imagine Snooki, The Situation, Pauly D, Jwoww, Vinny, Sammy, and Ronnie showing up at one of the bars near campus?

Since the season finale airs Thursday, I decided to get the opinions of the show from UCF students. Through face-to-face interviews, Facebook, and emails, I collected tons of responses. The key points I’m interested in are as follows: do you watch, if so where and with whom, pros, cons, messages it portrays, etc.

“I don’t watch Jersey Shore religiously, but if it’s on I’ll watch at the gym or at peoples houses. It’s really fun to watch and entertaining, but obviously portrays a somewhat superficial lifestyle. I like watching it because I really don’t have to think while doing so” said sophomore Valerie C.

“I love Jersey Shore; it’s so entertaining. I don’t care what anyone says, once you start watching it you cant stop. I even got my boyfriend who despised it and made fun of me all the time for watching it to watch it! We video chat and watch it together while me, my roomie and suitemates watch it together in my room. It kind of portrays jersey people in a negative light, but I still think its comical and the terms they create are hysterical, such as grenades and t-shirt time” said freshman Melissa F.

Not everyone feels this way about MTV’s controversial show. “I think Jersey Shore is a disgusting portrayal of people from my home-town. Hardly anyone acts the way these animals do. They do nothing besides get wasted and sleep with different people every night. What type of messages are they sending to not just America’s youth but to people of all ages? It isn’t safe or healthy to have casual sex as these “stars” do. Never do they bring up STDs, unplanned pregnancy, protection, and other risks associated with casual sex” Mark, a senior stated. “I think MTV should be banned from airing shows like this. Coming from a family with an alcoholic brother, this show makes me sick to my stomach” he added.

The rest of the responses were surprisingly more in favor of the negative aspects of the show. Yes, while it is entertaining, the messages sent aren’t the best. With so many people expressing ideas and beliefs about the show, I’m all for the idea of petitioning to MTV or seeing what else can be done to tone down the show. What are your opinions?