Juan Lugo a.k.a Unique Assassin is a talented twenty-four year MC from the Orlando area, who just released his first album at the beginning of the year- “Spelling Bee Champ.”

Although he is relatively unknown outside the tight knit of Orlando’s hip hop scene, he’s had radio play in Spain and Argentina. Hopefully, for Unique Assassin, this international exposure will land him a record deal. After the interview he said he was actually surprised when we asked on his thought of getting his music played in South America, as he was not aware it.

“Spelling Bee Champ” is a great album to bob your head and chill to. The album includes guest spots of other very talented Orlando MC’s . “All My Crew,” “Irregular Text Style,” and “Money on the Grind” were personal favorites. A peek into Orlando’s scene, or as I commonly heard it referred as the O-Zone, has definitely tuned me to discover more of Orlando’s Hip-Hop.

To listen to “Spelling Bee Champ,” Unique Assassin has posted his album for free here.