Is UCF the second best team in the state of Florida?

According to the most recent coaches poll, the answer is yes.


UCF (6-2, 4-0) received 14 points in the USA TODAY/ESPN Top 25 football coaches poll, second only to #24 Florida State’s 107 among Florida FBS schools. UCF’s current ranking is 29. Sports Editor Matt Fontana breaks down how UCF defeated ECU here.

The University of Miami received 5 points and University of Florida accumulated 4, while FIU, FAU, and USF did not get any votes.

The points system works with total points based on 25 points for a first place vote through one point for 25th, and incorporates ranking from last week’s poll. 59 head coaches, including UCF’s George O’Leary, vote in the poll.

The AP Top 25 Poll, compiled by polling sports writers across the country, yielded similar results.

After defeating ECU, UCF currently has the only undefeated conference record in Conference USA. The Knights are also the only bowl-eligible team so far from the conference.

The Knights will play the University of Houston next week, and depending on the outcome of that game and others surrounding the top 25, UCF may be ranked for the first time in school history.

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  1. UCF has never been ranked. They would get creamed if they played FL. Lets face it, UCF plays crappy schools. Lets not forget the 0-4 series agains USF. UCF has been around for a long time and still cant get their act together.

  2. UF, FSU, USF, and the like are not willing to play us anymore, as they know we’re at the point where we could beat them if they have an off game or we have a good game… you won’t see the scardy cats scheduling us anytime soon, only way they schedule us is after we’re consistently ranked better then them in the polls and they finally want to try to disprove it (and then fail at that)

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