While UCF Knights quarterback Jeff Godfrey and Coach George O’Leary were busy beating the East Carolina Pirates on the football field during Saturday’s 49-35 game, Knightro was busy beating up on PeeDee, the mascot for ECU.

And it wasn’t pretty.

Check out the video above to see how what began as what seemed like an even match up — both armed with swords and ready to fight — ended in disaster for the Pirates, when Knightro grabbed a hold of PeeDee’s weapon and used it against him.

But before Knightro plunged both swords into PeeDee’s back, Knightro made a statement by doing something to the Pirates’ sword PeeDee lost only seconds earlier — he stomped on it. Much like the Knights seemed to have stomped out any hope the Pirates had of winning another C-USA Championship.

Saturday’s stomping of ECU by UCF — both on the field and by its mascot — sent a strong message to the C-USA rival that entered the game with an 8-1 all-time advantage over the Knights and had scored some big wins in recent years over Virginia Tech and NC State. The message: Your days of beating the Knights are over.

Stomping out the main competition to a C-USA championship game also sent a message to those voting in the USA Today Coaches Poll, who cast more votes for UCF than the Florida Gators, Miami Hurricanes and perhaps the Knights’ most hated rival — the USF Bulls.

In fact, the only Florida team ranked higher is FSU. (Click to see see our full coverage on UCF’s poll numbers) will continue following the Knights on their march to the C-USA Championship, which could land them in the Liberty Bowl against an SEC team. (Possibly the Florida Gators?) We’ll keep you posted.