On October 28, Politico reported that Bill Clinton had asked US Senatorial candidate Meek to drop out of the race and endorse Governor Charlie Crist for the senate seat.

The report also said that Meek agreed twice to drop out but went back and forth with the idea.


After Politico reported on the controversy in the Meek camp, Meek held a press conference in Miami Gardens.

KnightNews.com was present at the press conference, where Meek addressed rumors that he was going to drop out of the race and said firmly “President Clinton did not ask me to drop out of the race,” and that he never agreed to drop out.

The discussion of Meek dropping out came about because of his low poll numbers against a well known Governor Crist and Marco Rubio who has a significant lead in the race.

The latest Mason-Dixon October 25-27th poll shows Rubio with 45%, Crist with 28%, and Meek with 21%.

Politico reported that Clinton told Meek he couldn’t win. Some believed that if Meek dropped out and threw his support to Crist, it would be enough support to beat out Republican candidate Marco Rubio.

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