After requesting an interview through email Tuesday last week, had yet to hear anything from Professor Richard Quinn.

Professor Quinn did sit down with Good Morning America last week, but new information has some students placing the blame on him.


A UCF student accused of cheating turned the blame towards the professor in a YouTube video last week, citing how the professor said he writes the tests the first week and even said, “There’s an opportunity that I may very well write a question that even I couldn’t answer. I try not to do that, but it happens from time to time.”

Hoping to clear up all the rumors, sent chief investigative reporter Logan Herlihy to confront Professor Quinn on his way to class early Monday afternoon and ask the professor about his controversial test.

Professor Quinn did say he was late to class but had no comment when asked what he had to say to students who say he lied about creating his own test questions. interviewed a student in the College of Business, who asked to remain anonymous, about the professor being called a folk hero by some media.“ He’s not a folk hero he’s a lazy bastard,” the student said. The student then pointed to his own professor saying that his professor has his tests made by his teacher assistants, which in the students opinion is the most effective way.

If Professor Quinn responds to our email or would like to have a sit down interview with, we will update the story with his side.

UCF has defended Quinn and says the focus should remain on the students, not the professor.


  1. There are some in the teaching faculty who have been pulled up by NSF for plagiarism, who humiliate and insult group members both students and the postdocs, who are there to help only themselves and spend most of their office time at home baby sitting kids or surfing the internet, who have a history of students leaving the group cause they do not have any talent and capabilities to run a research setup, who are highly unprofessional, cant write even a decent project proposal and do not give any credit to group members….and it is a wonder that such people are given a promotion and tenure and we wonder for what is UCF rewarding such faculty who are sitting pretty in their seats only to get a paycheck. Wake up….do yourself a favour and the university students…. either give such faculty some professional training or even better get rid of them from the university.

  2. quinn is not only lazy, he is dishonest and that is an ethics violation. I have recently discovered more ethics violations with professors at UCF and will be following up with reports to the university and the national science foundation. heads (of departments) are going to roll…..

  3. lazy, misleading professor+lazy, sneaky, not bright enough to get into a good school, blame shifting students+ 5th grade level “news website”=par for the course at a commuter community college on steroids masquerading as a state university called- you guessed it, UCF

  4. As a student, I am appalled by ucf this year, many things have disappointed me, this is only one of them, in my opinion what happened with Dr. Vest is a travesty, what’s happening here, in my opinion, is a pigheaded attitude, to say “lets not focus on what the teacher did wrong, lets keep the focus on the students” … I would venture to guess that one would very much like to “keep the focus on the students” when doing so allows them to ignore the circumstances… what’s next? shall we make the parking decals/tags expire 1 week before the semester ends, give all of those people tickets for not using the $5/day parking pass machines, and then “keep the focus on those who blatantly decided to park without a day pass”? give me a break UCF, I often wonder if there is no limit to what lengths you will go tofor money, and worse, to keep from apologizing for your mistakes…

    and if you want to track me down and kick me out of school for what I’ve clearly stated as opinions, then perhaps I’ll just get my degree somewhere that isn’t on the verge of becoming a total laughingstock.

  5. Good for Keep trying. I would imagine that Quinn must be embarrassed already to have been exposed for laziness and for being dishonest with his students about creating his own exam.

    I am an administrator at another university and I’ve worked with college students and young adults for 21 years. What the students did, in this case, was definitely not cheating. They got access to sample test questions and had strong reason to believe that these would not be on the exam (because the professor said he writes his own exams). Even if the students got hold of a previous final exam administered by Quinn (which one might argue would come closer to cheating), such is a widely practiced and commonly accepted practice throughout higher ed.

    As to the argument that they should have realized they were cheating when they saw the items on the exam, I don’t think that holds either. Within the practice of studying from lots of previous or sample examples, students frequently find out that some of the test questions that they studied end up on the exam. In my opinion, it just means they lucked out but only in the sense that good luck comes to those who work harder. The more sample questions you study, the higher likelihood that you’ll see of one of them on the test.

  6. Undergraduate programs in public colleges/universities in the United States have been slowly undercut and dumbed-down by the easily-graded multiple-choice exam trend via the textbook publishers instead of actual hand-written, hand-graded exams by instructors/professors for decades.

    The issue with exam banks is only an issue for professors/instructors who are too lazy to create their own exam material or departments who are too underfunded/cheap to hire work/study student loan program hires to manage grading work.

    Public Universities should start planning courses from Open Textbook material and relying more on their teaching staff to really teach instead of relying on a textbook publisher’s expensive books, classroom Powerpoint presentation, a website and a multiple-choice exam program.

  7. I read in the CFF that he refused to comment to them too. They also have refused to comment to Fox 35 and Local 6.

    Do you work in Student Government?

    Seems like you are the unethical one — by defaming a good group of journalists.

  8. First, I would like to point out that I do think Professor Quinn isn’t being completely honest, and I don’t think the students are entirely at fault here. The professor probably did get lazy/lie that first lecture, but did you ever consider that everyone is running away from your cameras because is the most unethical, obnoxious “media outlet” at UCF? Nobody wants to answer your questions because you shove microphones in people’s faces and run them down with cameras. And they’re not answering your e-mails because nobody wants to be cornered by a bunch of unethical students who think they know what they’re doing/don’t care what they’re doing is wrong.

  9. I work at UCF and initially I couldn’t believe the students allegedly cheated. Based on the professors video stating his only job in the class is to write the test, then it turns out he actually doesn’t write the test, I have to ask, isn’t this just as unethical? Shouldn’t he be disciplined for fired for being unethical and not doing his job?

  10. All I can say is I’m sure Kilbride is happy as a pig in mud that this professor scandal popped up to take your attention of him hiding the finances…

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