After requesting an interview through email Tuesday last week, had yet to hear anything from Professor Richard Quinn.

Professor Quinn did sit down with Good Morning America last week, but new information has some students placing the blame on him.

A UCF student accused of cheating turned the blame towards the professor in a YouTube video last week, citing how the professor said he writes the tests the first week and even said, “There’s an opportunity that I may very well write a question that even I couldn’t answer. I try not to do that, but it happens from time to time.”

Hoping to clear up all the rumors, sent chief investigative reporter Logan Herlihy to confront Professor Quinn on his way to class early Monday afternoon and ask the professor about his controversial test.

Professor Quinn did say he was late to class but had no comment when asked what he had to say to students who say he lied about creating his own test questions. interviewed a student in the College of Business, who asked to remain anonymous, about the professor being called a folk hero by some media.“ He’s not a folk hero he’s a lazy bastard,” the student said. The student then pointed to his own professor saying that his professor has his tests made by his teacher assistants, which in the students opinion is the most effective way.

If Professor Quinn responds to our email or would like to have a sit down interview with, we will update the story with his side.

UCF has defended Quinn and says the focus should remain on the students, not the professor.