UPDATE 11/15/10- KnightNews.com’s Logan Herlihy attempted to talk to Professor Quinn before his capstone class today. Below is the video.



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UPDATE 11/12/10, 5:25 P.M.- KnightNews.com sent an email to Grant Heston, the Assistant Vice President of UCF, in an attempt to clear up any rumors circulating that Professor Quinn is currently under investigation after the release of a video, supposedly from students in his Capstone Management class, claiming that he uses premade tests from his text book’s publisher.

Heston stated, “Let’s keep the focus where it ought to be, not on the instructor who administered the test, but on the students who acquired the test beforehand and used it inappropriately.”

In addition, UCF released this statment to the media, via email:

About 200 students came forward to admit their involvement in the incident. The university believes about 15 additional students were involved but have not come forward.

The results from the re-exam show a normal grade distribution.

“The support I have received from the university, the community and from around the world has been overwhelming,” said Instructor Richard Quinn. “I’m looking forward to moving past this incident and focusing on the rest of the semester.”


Days after Professor Richard Quinn gave his scolding on ethics and doing the right thing to his students, the video of his speech has launched him into the national and international spotlight.

The cheating scandal has appeared in the UK’s Daily Mail and the St. Pete times recently praised him as a “folk hero”.

Margaret Lawrence posted this on Knightnews.com’s Facebook page, ”Prof. Quinn, you are a role model for all academics faced with the erosion of standards and ethical behavior in our students. Congratulations: I know just how you feel.”

But in a recent YouTube video Knightnews.com found, Quinn’s students are saying it was his laziness that was the problem.


The video points out that Professor Quinn, in his first class, hints that he created his own tests an seems to mislead his students.

“There’s an opportunity that I may very well write a question that even I couldn’t answer. I try not to do that, but it happens from time to time” said Quinn in the video.

The video then fast forwards to week 12, where the now famous video of him scolding his students and highlights that he didn’t write his tests.

The description of the video states “Study guide aka Test Bank has been available through Publisher for studying purposes. How were students supposed to know they were the same questions on the exam? Professor states that he writes them. Therefore student(s) are not at fault…”

KnightNews.com emailed Professor Quinn for comment Tuesday, but he has not responded. He did, however, grant an interview with Good Morning America. That network did not explore the issue of the test bank and how it was obtained in detail.

Knightnews.com emailed UCF spokesman Grant Heston yesterday, on Veterans Day, to see if the university is investigating Quinn’s alleged dishonest behavior. Heston was unable to find anything out at that time because the university was closed for the holiday, but did respond yesterday to say he’d look into the matter today.