UCF Career Services is hosting an excellent opportunity for students in search of networking and career information. The Spring 2011 Career Expo will be held tomorrow from 10 a.m, to 3 p.m. at the UCF Arena with over 100 employers there offering professional opportunities.

The semi-annual event attracted over 100 employers and over 1,500 students and alumni last semester.


The expo provides a chance for UCF students, graduates and alumni to meet with employers that are recruiting for full-time, professional positions. The UCF Career Services sponsored-event is restricted to UCF students and alumni.


Career Services offers advice on how to prepare for the event on its website. It lists researching information about the specific companies attending the events, having a target goal, having an updated resume and preparing a one-minute script as highly valuable aspects that students should possess for the event. In addition, be able to anticipate any potential questions that employers could ask.

Executive Director of Career Services Lynn Hansen said that, “Students should come prepared professionally. This is a networking opportunity more than anything. They want to make a good impression. Come to the expo with some resumes and be ready to introduce yourself.”

The event has been promoted heavily by career services to influence students to attend, including e-mails, flyers and posters around campus, and faculty notifying their classes.

Hansen said she expects 1,300-1,500 people to attend the career expo. Students of all majors are encouraged to attend.

“I believe that the career fair is truly beneficial to myself as well as other students as it provides a window of opportunity to meet with recruiters seeking students in specific industries,” Sari Shapiro, an Elementary Education major, said. “It can help students engage in their field of studies at an early start.”

Professional attire is required at the expo. Men should wear a professional suit, dress shirt with tie, and dress shoes with socks, while women should wear a professional skirt or pants suit, blouse and dress shoes with appropriate hosiery.

“Getting a job is a multiple-step process. This is a networking event. The goal of the expo is to make contacts and to make sure that employers become aware of you. It’s a great place to drop off resumes. The whole goal of the expo is to get an interview,” Hansen said.

To get more information, contact UCF Career Services at 407-823-2361 or visit its website at www.career.ucf.edu.