has received tips from multiple sources in various fraternities with the pledge class numbers from Spring rush last week.

Although it’s a tradition for fraternities to announce their rush results in the first meeting after rush, official numbers aren’t turned into the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life until January 31.

Some fraternities numbers were unable to be found. Keep in mind that those that were found are unofficial and subject to change. Some fraternities have already inducted their pledges and don’t take late pledges, while others continue adding to their pledge classes after induction.

If you would like to have your pledge class number officially updated, have a member of your fraternity’s executive board contact KnightNews at, or call 407-5TIP-UCF.

Update: We kept our unofficial information we learned before this was officially announced in IFC on the left and added the official number announced in IFC on the right. Pretty close!

Alpha Tau Omega – Brothers we contacted refused to tell us. | 19
Alpha Epsilon Pi – 8 | 8
Beta Theta Pi – 10 | 10
Delta Tau Delta – 11 | Not listed
Delta Upsilon – 27 | 27
Kappa Sigma- No early data | 22
Lambda Chi Alpha – 35 | 30
Phi Delta Theta – 23 | 23
Phi Gamma Delta – 10 |8
Sigma Chi – 16 |16
Sigma Nu- No early data | 7
Sigma Pi- No early data | 8 or 11
Tau Kappa Epsilon – 26 | 28
Theta Chi – 26 |27
Zeta Beta Tau – 23 |23

*If your fraternity is not listed, we couldn’t reach anyone in it to find out unofficial numbers. Go ahead and post them below or email them to us at

We’ve also reposted the Fraternity Report Card poll we put up a few days ago, which asks you to vote on which UCF fraternity had the best pledge class this entire school year — so consider both Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 pledge classes when voting.

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