The “Put Down Ur Cell Fone” campaign, run by the Vice President Taylor Lochrane whose departure is expected in the coming days, is award winning.

“The Put Down Ur Cell Fone campaign obviously started a wide spread conversation throughout the student body who listened to guest speakers on the topic, and received t-shirts on the day of the safety expo and press conference,” said Thomas Guilet, Executive Director of the United Safety Council, in a press release. “The fact that you and the Student Government Association identified the need for awareness on the campus of the second largest university in the nation, speaks volumes for your association and the entire University.”

Lochrane attended the United Safety Council’s 58th Annual Awards Banquet on Friday, January 28th, to accept the “Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Award.”

“We are truly honored to be receiving this award,” Lochrane said in a press release. “For students to be able to stand up for a cause, and then get acknowledged about the success of that campaign is incredibly endearing. It was great to be recognized for our hard work on this campaign, but most importantly, we hope this will inspire other universities to hold their own campaigns and create awareness about the dangers of texting and driving on their campuses.”

The campaign was nominated to the United Safety Council by The Florida Safety Council.

According to a previous release about the campaign, the campaign aims for drivers to stay focused on the road and the largest proportion of distracted drivers was the under-20 group.

Below is video of Lochrane speaking at the initial press conference for the “Put Down Ur Cell Fone” campaign