UCF’s Outdoor Adventure provides countless and diverse opportunities for getting healthy and being outdoors. The five main programs offered are the Challenge Course, Lake Claire, the Climbing Tower, the Rental Center and Adventure Trips.

While each program is unique, they all share the basic goals of getting people outdoors, developing leadership skills, building teams, and sharing meaningful social interactions. The wide range of choices offered through Outdoor Adventure programs ensures something for everyone, no matter what type of adventure is in mind.

Check out a description of each program below:

The Challenge Course is composed of both low and high ropes courses. The twelve elements in the low ropes course are close to the ground teamwork activities, ranging from the Climbing Wall to the Spider Web. The high rope course is two levels with ten elements that require group cooperation in getting across obstacles 48 ft. above the ground. The course is open to all UCF students and groups or clubs recognized by UCF’s Office of Student Involvement. Dates for open climbs are offered on the Outdoor Adventure website, as well as directions for making reservations for special events.

Lake Claire, located off Gemini Blvd across from the Lake Claire dorms offers a beautiful outside facility for hosting events, as well as a source for renting equipment for having adventures on the lake. The Lake Claire area is comprised of a small beach, pavilions with grills, a grassy yard for outdoor sports and a sand volleyball court looking out onto a sparkling lake. UCF students rent all equipment for free, including canoes, paddle boats, kayaks and a variety of on land games. All equipment rentals are available through the Lake Claire reservation office.

The Climbing Tower, Outdoor Adventure’s most popular program is located right inside the Recreation and Wellness Center. Like most of Outdoor Adventure programs, the climbing tower is free to UCF student and available to anyone who wants to give it a try. Towering 41 ft high, the climbing tower has around 20 different possible routes that range from easy to more challenging. Belay sessions are offered for those interested in getting certified. Hours of operation and dates for belay classes are located on the Outdoor Adventure website.

An equipment Rental Center is located on the first floor of the gym, and offers a wide range of information and rental opportunities for those who are looking to take an independent adventure. Equipment available for rent includes camping and scuba gear, kayaks, canoes, surfboards and basically everything one would need when planning a trip outdoors. Rental rates are determined by the day, weekend, or weekly trips. In addition, the Outdoor Adventure Center provides access to books, maps and countless resources for planning your own adventure vacation.

Adventure trips bring small groups of UCF students, lead by trained OA personnel, into the wilderness on active excursions. The trips vary from a few days to a week long, depending on the location and nature of the activity. Future trips include a mountain biking and camping trip, an east coast road trip and scuba diving at Epcot’s Living Seas. If you’re a UCF student, getting a spot on one of these trips simply requires signing up, attending a pre-trip orientation meeting, and embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Dates, rates, and more information are available online as well as in the Outdoor Adventure Center in the gym.