A few of the more popular Spring Break destinations for UCF students have made the list of “Most Dangerous Spring Break Cities,” with UCF’s home, Orlando, taking the top spot.

The New York Post is reporting the list, drawn from an analysis by AWO.com, a website that has ratings and profiles for lawyers and doctors. The list took cities like Las Vegas, San Diego, Miami and others, and placed them in order of most dangerous to least.


Daytona, a popular Spring Break destination for UCF students, comes in at #2, and Key West, another popular destination, comes in at #15.

Some hometown cities for UCF students also make the list, with #5 Palm Beach, #9 Jacksonville, and #10 Miami.

(Below is a list of the rankings)
1. Orlando

2. Daytona Beach

3. Las Vegas

4. Myrtle Beach

5. West Palm Beach

6. South Padre Island

7. New Orleans

8. Panama City, Fla.

9. Jacksonville, Fla.

10. Miami

11. Fort Myers, Fla.

12. Galveston, Tx.

13. Fort Lauderdale

14. Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

15. Key West

16. Kihei/Maui, Hawaii

17. Lafayette, Louisiana

18. Naples, Fla.

19. Virginia Beach

20. Park City

21. Steamboat Springs, Colo.

22. San Diego

23. Reno

24. Santa Barbara, Calif.

25. Honolulu