UCF just confirmed details in the UCF student death story KnightNews.com was first to break Thursday — Ann Hefferin was partying at the Sigma Chi house before she died.

Although UCF now confirms there was evidence she was drinking alcohol, it’s still not clear whether alcohol contributed to her death. The Orange County Medical Examiner’s office told KnightNews.com Friday afternoon toxicology reports are needed before that determination can be made. That process is expected to take five weeks.

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UCF said Hefferin’s sorority, Delta Delta Delta, and the Sigma Chi fraternity have both been ordered to cease and desist all social activities while the investigation continues. UCF said presence of alcohol at Sigma Chi Wednesday night violated university rules.

Ann Hefferin on Homecoming Court
“Although we do not know if it played a role in Ann’s death, alcohol was at the Sigma Chi house, which is a violation of university policy,” said UCF spokesperson Grant J. Heston. “This is a serious matter; the fraternity is immediately subject to our disciplinary process and will be held accountable for its actions. We await news from the medical examiner that will help further guide our investigation and response.”

KnightNews.com has uploaded the heartbreaking 911 call placed by Hefferin’s roommate as she tried to save her. Be warned it is very tragic and difficult to listen to. KnightNews.com is only posting it because it is a public record and was released by UCF police and it can help shed light on what happened. Click here to listen to the 911 call.

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