Video posted on YouTube shows a football fan getting into a brawl with a law enforcement officer during the UCF home game against Boston College Saturday. Check out the disturbing video below:

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The video shows the fan the pushing the officer, the officer pushing back — and then the fan grabbing the officer in a bear hug near the belt holding his weapons.

After uncovered the disturbing video, we asked for information from Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Angelo Nieves, who confirmed the suspect fighting the deputy is UCF student Andrew Galbo, who stands 6-foot-4 and weighs 210 pounds.


“Your request has brought this to my attention and it will most certainly assist the State Attorneys Office in the prosecution of this case,” Nieves told “Deputy Shaun Halleran suffered minor injuries to his person as he was attacked by the suspect; and the concern of the bodily fluids spat upon the deputy will continue to be a source of concern and follow-up.”

Other deputies came to help, including some from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, according to SCSO spokesman Kim Cannady. It was not immediately clear from the video whether the officers coming to give aid were able to deploy a taser on the fan.

The person who posted this video on YouTube, named, irishman909121, wrote: “By the time I started recording I hadn’t gotten about 3/4 of the whole thing. But just before I started the sheriff was holding the fans neck over the railing… What I recorded doesn’t accurately reflect the whole confrontation.”

According to the arrest report, Galbo disrespected the deputies during the brawl. “That badge don’t mean sh*t, don’t touch me bro,” Galbo told the deputy, according to the report. is working to gather more information on this story and trying to find out how the situation got to that level. will post updates when we have more information.

On the next page, read the full narrative the OCSO deputy filed when charging Galbo with battery on a law enforcement officer, attempted aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, among other lesser charges.

Galbo was released at 4:41 a.m. on Sept. 11 on a Surety Bond of 5,400 dollars, according to the Orange County Jail. He had never been booked into that jail before, spokesman Allen Moore said.


  1. I heard from someone who was their that the Cop
    Put a Choke Hold on the guy which is illegal and the
    Fan panicked when he could ‘t breath !!!!!!!

  2. Pete it sounds like you have had a run in or two with law enforcement. It appears in the vid that the deputies are justifies in their actions. Things like this happen all the time at the stadium just this time it was caught on tape. Thank god it wasn’t a nutty professor because there would be more retarded protest.

  3. It looks like the cop on the right is tazing the fan while the cop on the left is grabbing him. The bear hug is probably just the natural reaction to being tazed.
    And while I respect most law enforcement, there are plenty of them who abuse their powers and use “that bagde” to bully people around. I’ve seen several cops beat the crap out of drunk guys outside of bars and they always justify it. I think most of us know that is not right, but we cannot do anything about it.
    While I agree with the fans statement that the badge doesn’t give cops the right to do whatever they want, it was obviously not a bright thing to say. You gotta realize, cops can arrest you for ANYTHING. They shoot first and ask questions later. Until we the people do something about power hungry cops, my advice is to keep your opinions to yourself. The best of luck to you in court, my friend.

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