Update: This contest is now closed. The drawing was held in front of a live audience on Thursday night. Announcement of winner will occur as soon as we can get the video uploaded.

When KnightNews.com gave away an iPad last year, we had such a great response that we decided to do it again — but this time, we’re giving away an iPad2!


We’d like to thank our sponsor, Roxy nightclub, for sponsoring this iPad 2 giveaway. Thursday night is college night at Roxy, $10 includes bus ride and entrance. Text “BUS” to Mike at (754) 581-4497 or email partybus@eduafterdark.com to get your reservations. Buses leave at 10 from Nike 106 and 10:30 p.m. from the arena.

It’s really easy to sign up and win. All you have to do is follow these instructions:

Step 1. “Like” this post by clicking “like” below:

Step 2. Post a regular site comment – NOT A FACEBOOK COMMENT (required format shown below)

Step 3. Tell your friends, the more people who “like” this post, the faster we’ll give it away, and it will help us to keep getting more prizes to giveaway soon! Once we feel like it has enough likes, we’ll announce the winner over a live video stream.

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