UCF Fraternity rush week began Monday with a kickoff in the UCF Student Union — but it’s nowhere near too late to join a fraternity.


Fraternity Tent Locations

Wednesday and Thursday night at 8 p.m. is when the UCF fraternities will set up tents on UCF Memory Mall, the area between the Union and the UCF Arena, for recruitment. The brothers of the fraternities will be inside the tents waiting to meet with guys thinking of pledging. Just walk up to the fraternity’s tent you want to check out, introduce yourself to a brother, and he’ll introduce you to members of his fraternity. It’s free to check out rush, but if you pledge you’ll have to pay dues to that fraternity to cover events, etc.



Be yourself and take initiative. Talk to brothers at that fraternity and tell them about yourself and get to know them. Check out the fraternity’s websites (see links below) before you pledge to get a feel for what they’re about and how you might fit in.

If you believe you found the fraternity that you’d like to join — let that fraternity know by telling a brother or rush chairman! If you haven’t gotten a bid, or official invitation to join that fraternity by that point, telling them you’d like to choose that fraternity will let the fraternity know you’re serious, and hopefully speed along the decision on whether you’ll get a bid to that fraternity.

If you get a bid to a fraternity, but aren’t yet sure that’s the one for you, or if you still wanted to check out another fraternity you’ve heard about before deciding, politely tell the rush chair you’d like to think about it some more before accepting it or signing that bid and committing yourself to joining. Once you decide a fraternity is for you, just let the brothers know you’d like to accept the invitation to join to that fraternity and become a pledge.


In the past, members of UCF sororities came to the rush tents to support their favorite fraternities. It’s not clear how many UCF sorority members will be there this year, because, for the first time in UCF history, the Panhellenic governing council of sororities has tried to ban women from visiting the tents, citing an unprecedented interpretation of a national policy never interpreted that way at UCF before. IFC has refused to join Panhellenic in voting to enforce the ban, so if women come out to rush anyway, it’s not clear if anything can be done to punish them. When KnightNews.com covered a similar controversy during sorority rush, and guys who showed up on the public sidewalk after they were told they were not allowed, they apparently faced no punishment at all and neither did the sororities. Also, women who aren’t in sororities should have no problem showing up.

In years past, members of a sorority paired with a fraternity for homecoming would make an extra effort to stop by that fraternity’s tent, to help with recruitment. Fraternities and sororities paired together for homecoming spend a lot of time with each other that semester. If you want to see who was paired with who, check out our UCF Homecoming Serenade coverage here.


Alpha Epsilon Pi
Nickname: A E Pi
National Website: www.aepi.org
Local Website: www.aepiucf.com
Colors: Gold & Blue
Symbol: Lion
Philanthropy: “Ethiopian Jewish Community Center in Isreal”
Alpha Tau Omega
Nickname: A T O
National Website: www.ato.org
Local Website: www.ucf-ato.org
Colors: Old Gold & Azure Blue
Symbol: Viking
Philanthropy: Rock The Wreath
Beta Theta Pi
Nickname: Beta
National Website: National website
Local Website: Local website
Colors: Delicate shades of Pink and Blue
Symbol: Dragon
Delta Tau Delta
Nickname: Delts
National Website: www.delts.org
Local Website: www.zodelts.org
Colors: Purple, White & Gold
Philanthropy: Adopt-A-School Program
Delta Upsilon
Nickname: D U
National Website: www.deltau.org
Local Website: www.duucf.org/undergrad/
Colors: Old Gold & Sapphire Blue
Symbol: Duck
Philanthropy: Boys & Girls Club of America
Kappa Sigma
Nickname: Kappa Sig
National Website: www.kappasigma.org
Local Website: www.kappasigmaucf.com
Colors: Emerald, White, & Scarlet Red
Symbol: Star & Crescent
Philanthropy: Easter Seals Camp Challenge
Lambda Chi Alpha
Nickname: Lambda Chi
National Website: www.lambdachi.org
Local Website:
Colors: Purple, Green, & Gold
Symbol: Cross & Cresent
Philanthropy: North American Food Drive
Lambda Theta Phi
Nickname: Lambda
National Website: www.lambda1975.org
Local Website: www.aalambdas.com
Colors: Brown & White
Symbol: El Conquistador
Philanthropy: United Cerebral Palsy
Phi Delta Theta
Nickname: Phi Delt
National Website: www.phideltatheta.org
Local Website: www.phideltucf.org
Colors: Azure Blue & Argent White
Symbol: Owl
Philanthropy: Lou Gehrigs Foundation
Phi Gamma Delta
Nickname: FIJI
National Website: www.phigam.org
Local Website: www.fijiucf.com
Colors: Royal Purple
Symbol: Snowy White Owl
Philanthropy: American Red Cross
Sigma Chi
Nickname: Sig
National Website: www.sigmachi.org
Local Website: internetmosaics.com/sigmachi
Colors: Blue & Old Gold
Symbol: Norman Cross
Philanthropy: Childrens Miracle Network
Sigma Nu
Nickname: Sig Nu
National Website: www.sigmanu.org
Local Website: www.ucfsigmanu.com
Colors: Black, Gold, & White
Symbol: Serpent
Philanthropy: Volley for the Cure

Sigma Pi
Nickname: Sig Pi / Spies
National Website: www.sigmapi.org
Local Website: www.joinsigmapi.com
Colors: Lavender, Gold and White
Symbol: Owl
Philanthropy: Sam Spady Foundation & the ACE Project

Tau Kappa Epsilon
Nickname: Teke
National Website: www.tke.org
Local Website: www.tkeucf.com
Colors: Red & Grey
Symbol: Apollo
Philanthropy: Ronald Reagan Alzheimers Research

Theta Chi
Nickname: Theta Chi
National Website: www.thetachi.org
Local Website: www.thetachiucf.org
Colors: Military Red & White
Symbol: Rattle Snake

Zeta Beta Tau
Nickname: ZBT
National Website: www.zbt.org
Local Website: www.zbtcentralflorida.com
Colors: Medium Blue & White with Gold Trim
Philanthropy: Childrens Miracle Network