has obtained the full list of the spring 2015 Greek grade report listing each chapter’s overall grade point average.

Kappa Delta led the way for sororities with over 100 total members with an overall average GPA of 3.40, while Alpha Delta Pi was a close second with an overall average  3.31 GPA.


Phi Delta Theta, the largest fraternity at UCF with 156 total members, finished higher than all fraternities with over 12 members with a 3.10 overall average GPA.

Theta Chi is the second largest fraternity at UCF with 120 total members, while Sigma Pi is the third largest with 117 total members.

Alpha Xi Delta is the largest sorority at UCF with 175 total members, while Kappa Kappa Gamma is the second largest with 173 total members. Alpha Epsilon Phi is the third largest with 172 total members.

The overall average GPA for all sorority women was a 3.24, compared to an overall average GPA of 2.94 for all fraternity men at UCF.

Below is a full breakdown of chapter grade point averages for the spring 2015 semester, click here to see the full final spring 2015 grade and size report:


100+ Man Chapters: 

Phi Delta Theta- 3.10
Zeta Beta Tau- 2.97
Theta Chi- 2.95
Sigma Pi- 2.92
Kappa Sigma- 2.88

50-100 Man Chapters:

Tau Kappa Epsilon- 3.07
Delta Sigma Phi- 2.97
Beta Theta Pi- 2.97
Alpha Tau Omega- 2.94
Pi Kappa Phi- 2.90
Sigma Nu- 2.87
Sigma Chi- 2.78
Delta Upsilon- 2.69

Under 50 Man Chapters:

Delta Lambda Phi- 3.26
Lambda Theta Phi- 3.16
Phi Beta Sigma- 3.15
Phi Gamma Delta- 3.07
Omega Phi Psi- 3.05
Alpha Phi Alpha- 3.04
Alpha Epsilon Pi- 2.99
Delta Epsilon Psi- 2.88
Pi Delta Psi- 2.69
Sigma Alpha Epsilon- 2.68
Lambda Sigma Upsilon- 2.55
Sigma Lambda Beta- 2.50
Iota Phi Theta- 2.15


100+ Woman Chapters:

Kappa Delta- 3.40
Alpha Delta Pi- 3.31
Kappa Alpha Theta- 3.30
Delta Zeta- 3.30
Alpha Xi Delta- 3.28
Kappa Kappa Gamma- 3.27
Pi Beta Phi- 3.26
Alpha Epsilon Phi- 3.23
Delta Delta Delta- 3.20
Zeta Tau Alpha- 3.19
Chi Omega- 3.18
Gamma Phi Beta- 3.10

Under 100 Woman Chapters:

Delta Sigma Theta- 3.20
Sigma Lambda Gamma- 3.15
Delta Phi Omega- 3.00
Lambda Theta Alpha- 2.98
Alpha Kappa Alpha- 2.98
Zeta Phi Beta- 2.97
Chi Upsilon Sigma- 2.97
Delta Phi Lambda- 2.94
Mu Sigma Upsilon- 2.55