Usually when wants to get information about how much money someone makes at UCF, we are forced to pay UCF fees to retrieve the data. In some cases, we’re unable to find out how much people get paid, because UCF blacks out the student employees’ names based on how UCF has interpreted a controversial federal privacy law known as FERPA.

But yesterday Florida Gov. Rick Scott published the pay data for all of Florida’s state university system — for free. It’s part of his “Florida Has a Right to Know” campaign. has obtained the UCF pay data and sorted it from highest to lowest. Below you’ll find the data for employees making a hundred thousand dollars a year or more. On the next page, you’ll find the pay for those making less than six-figures.

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Note: Gov. Scott warned that some of these employees may actually be getting paid more than is shown here. That’s because extra money paid to UCF employees by UCF’s Foundation isn’t included in the public records Scott obtained from the universities. Hint: To get a better idea of whether someone makes more than is shown on page 1, you can check the bottom of the last page of this story to see if there are smaller amounts you could add to the salary of someone on page 1. You can also use the ctrl+f key to search a name of an employee you’re looking for.


GERMAN DEBORAH Professor 445,781
SIMAAN MARWAN Professor 396,433
WALDROP TONY Professor 335,000
CARUANA RALPH Professor 306,000
SALEH BAHAA Professor 306,000
CENDAN JUAN Associate Professor 300,000
LAPCHICK RICHARD Professor 298,183
BOARDMAN LORI Professor 283,654
PEPPLER RICHARD Professor 281,152
CHOW LOUIS Professor 270,270
HITT JOHN Professor 263,500
SOILEAU MARION Professor 252,777
SIMMS-CENDAN JUDITH Associate Professor 245,000
JAYASURIYA SUHADA Professor 243,000
SEAL SUDIPTA Professor 242,002
SUTTON STEVEN Professor 240,840
PIZAM ABRAHAM Professor 233,547
TROMPETER GREGORY Professor 231,750
ROBERTS ROBIN Professor 230,617
HUSAIN MUJTABA Professor 229,500
O’NEAL THOMAS Associate Professor 228,521
ROBB SEAN Associate Professor 227,863
ARNOLD VICKY Professor 224,246
JONES FOARD Associate Professor 222,595
QU ZHIHUA Professor 222,273
ROBINSON SANDRA Professor 221,350
MICHAELS RONALD Professor 217,150
GERKING SHELBY Professor 211,687
ASMAR ABDO Assistant Professor 210,000
BERMAN STEPHEN Professor 210,000
BHARDWAJ PRADEEP Associate Professor 210,000
FOLGER ROBERT Professor 206,702
FERNANDEZ JOSE Professor 206,038
VERDUIN MARCIA Associate Professor 204,604
KLAPHEKE MARTIN Professor 204,000
JOHNSON MICHAEL Professor 203,871
BELFIELD KEVIN Professor 203,388
ANDERSON RANDY Professor 200,850
WAN THOMAS Professor 200,386
BALKWILL DAVID Professor 200,000
COLE WARD General Counsel 200,000
HARMS ALFRED Faculty Administrator 200,000
HARTMAN JOEL Faculty Administrator 200,000
HITT JOHN Professor 200,000
HOLMES ROBERT Vp Advance/Alumni Affs 200,000
MERCK WILLIAM Vp Administrative Affs 200,000
SCHREIBER JEANETTE Asoc General Counsel 200,000
GIBSON JANE Professor 199,628
EHASZ MARIBETH Faculty Administrator 198,900
MILON JOSEPH Professor 196,954
LEUNER JEAN Professor 196,680
SCHNITZLEIN CHARLES Associate Professor 196,571
CHASE DIANE Professor 195,479
TURNBULL GEOFFREY Professor 195,000
HOLSENBECK DANIEL Vp Uni Rel/Pub Rels 194,466
SCHELL JOHN Professor 193,800
FRUMKIN MICHAEL Professor 190,587
DAVEY DIANE Professor 190,154
SHUMAKER RANDALL Professor 189,107
SCHMINKE MARSHALL Professor 188,671
AMBROSE MAUREEN Professor 188,574
SALAS EDUARDO Professor 188,127
KARWOWSKI WALDEMAR Professor 187,476
HANCOCK PETER Professor 187,097
REINHART DEBRA Professor 185,120
HERNANDEZ CARIDAD Associate Professor 185,000
SNAITH SEAN Faculty Administrator 184,823
REILLY CHARLES Professor 184,000
DANIELL HENRY Professor 183,562
PAYER ANDREW Professor 183,356
BATARSEH ISSA Professor 182,531
FISHER WILLIAM Eminent Scholar 181,304
CANNAROZZI MARIA Associate Professor 180,825
VANSTRYLAND ERIC Professor 179,714
PET-ARMACOST JULIA Associate Professor 178,468
SUMNER STEVEN Faculty Administrator 178,293
NEIGHBOR JAMES Professor 177,181
SAUNDERS CAROL Professor 176,760
LEAVENS GARY Professor 175,795
SEIDEL KATHRYN Professor 175,181
SUTTON WILLIAM Professor 175,096
MONROE MANETTE Assistant Professor 175,000
FENTON JAMES Professor 173,421
MCMAHAN BEN Asoc Vp Adv/Alumni Aff 173,400
DANNEELS ERWIN Associate Professor 173,000
ELLIS ELDEN Associate Professor 172,733
ROBERTS MARK Asst Vp And Chief Hr Officer 172,397
RAHMAN TALAT Professor 172,395
GATCHEV VLADIMIR Associate Professor 170,872
MCGUIRE JOHN Professor 170,704
DORNER JOYCE Associate Professor 170,184
RICHARDSON MARTIN Professor 170,178
BARKLEY LISA Assistant Professor 170,000
HENCKLER JOYCE Asoc Vp Adv/Alumni Aff 170,000
OLIVEIRA LEONARDO Assistant Professor 170,000
CARMAN JOHN Research Associate 169,950
SMELSER LINDA Dir Medical/Hlth Admin 169,320
PLATT JENNIFER Professor 169,025
DEICHEN MICHAEL Asoc Dir Clin Svcs Stu 168,841
BISHOP PATRICIA Professor 168,051
MARINESCU DAN Professor 167,831
RADWAN AHMED Professor 167,806
SHAH MUBARAK Professor 167,493
BOREMAN GLENN Professor 167,027
BYRD ANTHONY Associate Professor 165,732
WU SHINTSON Professor 165,466
RIGGS GARRETT Assistant Professor 165,325
CLARK TRACY Asst Vp Admin Affairs 165,029
CHANDLER ROBERT Professor 163,200
DANGIOLO MARIANA Assistant Professor 163,200
NANTON ANDREW Assistant Professor 163,200
JACOBS DIANE Professor 162,931
DELFYETT PETER Professor 162,536
HYNES MICHAEL Professor 161,660
YANCKELLO ROBERT Chief Technology Officer 161,422
KUMAR RANGANATHAN Professor 161,218
CHEN HONGHUI Associate Professor 161,102
GOLDIEZ BRIAN Faculty Administrator 160,528
TIAN YU Assistant Professor 160,000
COOK YOUNDY Asoc General Counsel 159,681
YOUNG DENISE Faculty Administrator 159,220
MIKHAEL WASFY Professor 158,527
WHYTE ANN Associate Professor 158,256
WANG ALVIN Professor 157,252
KAUP DAVID Professor 157,197
DEO NARSINGH Professor 156,805
WRIGHT JAMES Professor 156,657
ROBERTS CHARLES Asst Vp Adv/Alumni Aff 156,283
LEE KEITH Faculty Administrator 156,075
STEBBINS CONSUELO Associate Professor 155,066
CLARK JORDAN Asoc General Counsel 154,530
DESAI NAMAN Assistant Professor 154,500
EKERN SHARON Asoc Vp Student Affs 154,356
GIORDANO PAUL Professor 153,811
HUGHES CHARLES Professor 153,405
MORAN-BANO COLLEEN Assistant Professor 153,000
DONEGAN HELEN Vp Community Relations 152,779
YOUNG CYNTHIA Professor 152,701
FRYE MELISSA Associate Professor 152,568
DIPBOYE ROBERT Professor 152,254
LIOU JUIN Professor 151,426
GOODMAN STEPHEN Associate Professor 151,230
HINKLE CHARLES Professor 150,495
HAGAN DAVID Professor 150,317
LEE ERNESTINE Assistant Professor 150,000
COLE ALEXANDER Professor 149,620
CHASE SUSAN Professor 149,600
RENNE JERRY Research Associate 149,212
VITTES ELLIOT Associate Professor 149,171
CHASE ARLEN Professor 148,806
WHITCOMB CARRIE Faculty Administrator 148,540
HAYES BURNICE Professor 148,093
HOGAN GORDON Faculty Administrator 147,900
BALLANTYNE JOHN Professor 147,316
PHANSTIEL OTTO Professor 147,040
DEPPE DENNIS Professor 146,913
ROBINSON EDWARD Professor 146,820
HULL DANIEL Research Associate 146,500
FORTIER VANESSA Asoc Vp Admin Affs 146,370
LANGWORTHY ROBERT Professor 145,869
BEIDEL DEBORAH Professor 145,867
CAPUTO MICHAEL Professor 145,825
SMITH STANLEY Professor 145,724
NASHED M Professor 145,388
POOLE MAX Associate Professor 144,681
DEMARA RONALD Professor 144,454
MIKUSINSKI PIOTR Professor 144,407
JARRELL-COLE MARGARET Asoc Vp Adv/Alumni Aff 144,371
HUFF-CORZINE LIN Professor 144,186
MODIANOS DOAN Faculty Administrator 144,063
CAHILL JOHN Asoc General Counsel 143,960
KERNEK PRISCILLA Asoc Vp Admin Affs 143,937
SCHAUS JAMES Asst Dir For Clinical Svcs Shs 143,693
STOCK AXEL Associate Professor 143,352
KITTINGER FREDERIC Assoc Vp Univ Rel/Pub Affairs 143,223
FAIREY PHILIP Faculty Administrator 143,213
CULP REX Professor 142,714
BECKMAN JAMES Associate Professor 142,500
ANDREWS SHERYL Asoc General Counsel 142,425
BLOCK DAVID Program Director 142,381
BAKER BARRY Faculty Administrator 142,144
SHTROM SVETLANA Dir Res Prog/Svcs 142,055
SCHUCKMAN GREGORY Asst Vp Univ Rel/Pub 142,039
LARTONOIX PAUL Associate Professor 141,483
BRODIE LYMAN Professor 141,258
LIBERMAN AARON Professor 141,139
SCHMITT DONNA Associate Professor 140,927
DZIUBAN CHARLES Faculty Administrator 140,898
RONNAU JOHN Professor 140,535
BEARY RICHARD Asst Vp Admin Affairs 140,000
BOWLES DEBRA Asst Vp Adv/Alumni Aff 140,000
LACKEY STEPHANIE Program Director 139,425
YEARWOOD GEORGE Asoc Vp Adv/Alumni Aff 139,077
MEUSER DOUGLAS Physician 139,050
MEALOR DAVID Professor 138,921
BREITER DEBORAH Professor 138,366
MESSINA THOMAS Asoc Vp Adv/Alumni Aff 137,914
MONROE JUDITH Asoc Vp Admin Affs 137,700
MURPHY PATRICK Professor 137,518
HARA TADAYUKI Associate Professor 137,231
DICKIE MARK Professor 136,553
HAMPTON MICHAEL Professor 136,383
DESIRAJU RAMARAO Professor 136,148
KRISHNAMOORTHY ANAND Associate Professor 135,886
GLEBOV LEONID Professor 135,455
STERN MICHAEL Professor 135,266
STEWART JAMES Asst Vp Adv/Alumni Aff 135,265
BISHOP RHONDA Chief Compliance Ethics Offr 135,000
FLEHARTY SCHULTZ KARA Asst Vp Adv/Alumni Aff 135,000
FOTTLER MYRON Professor 134,840
PRIEST DELAINE Faculty Administrator 134,640
HE XIN Associate Professor 134,332
KIBBLE JONATHAN Associate Professor 133,827
CRUMPTON-YOUNG LESIA Professor 133,634
SAWYER CURTIS Asst Vp Admin Affairs 133,555
BASSIOUNI MOSTAFA Professor 133,308
WALLACE DAVID Professor 133,057
BIRAIMAH KAREN Professor 133,044
CHANG ZENGHU Professor 133,000
VADAKKEPATT GAUTHAM Assistant Professor 133,000
WANG ZE Assistant Professor 133,000
WHITE ROSEANN Professor 132,949
OKUMUS FEVZI Associate Professor 132,360
HUA KIEN Professor 132,348
BRAUN BRADLEY Associate Professor 132,086
CIUCHTA MICHAEL Assistant Professor 132,000
CHAVIS GORDON Asoc Vp Student Affs 131,924
TRAN NHUNG Physician 131,637
JOSHI AMIT Associate Professor 131,604
KARCSH FRANCIS Physician 131,551
WANG YOUCHENG Associate Professor 131,423
ROBERTS KELLY Physician 130,799
ISMAIL MOURAD Professor 130,742
KAPAT JAYANTA Professor 130,701
NICKERSON DAVID Professor 130,192
HICKMAN JAMES Professor 130,165
DUCHARME ALFRED Associate Professor 130,050
MANON AISHA Dentist 130,000
SUNG STELLA Professor 129,676
DENNIS KAREN Professor 129,528
DOBSON LEONARD Faculty Administrator 129,132
HALL RICHARD Research Associate 129,024
SALISBURY BRIAN Research Associate 129,024
BOTTERI ANNE Dir Adv/Alumni Affs 129,000
MAO HUIFANG Assistant Professor 128,884
SAINT BENOIT TRACY Research Associate 128,750
MOHARAM M. Professor 128,596
LOPEZ GENARO Professor 128,403
DOGARIU ARISTIDE Professor 128,154
BENFORD TANYA Assistant Professor 127,968
MALOCHA DONALD Professor 127,823
HOLMES STEPHEN Associate Professor 127,712
CULP ANNE Professor 127,556
GONZALEZ LYNN Asoc Vice Pres Acad Affs 127,500
HUTCHINSON JOE Associate Professor 127,500
SOLE MARY Professor 127,145
HELLERICH NATASHA Asoc General Counsel 127,062
KELLIHER CHARLES Associate Professor 126,171
MAUNEZ-CUADRA JOSE Associate Professor 126,041
ULMER JEFF Asst Vp Adv/Alumni Aff 126,000
BOWERS CLINT Professor 125,732
HOFLER RICHARD Professor 125,067
STANLICK NANCY Associate Professor 125,000
ZERVOS ANTONIS Professor 124,891
SIGMAN MICHAEL Associate Professor 124,833
CLAUSEN CHRISTIAN Professor 124,829
LAMBERT STEPHEN Associate Professor 124,638
FORD ROBERT Professor 124,567
ILEGBUSI OLUSEGUN Professor 124,495
BOSSY-WETZEL ELLA Associate Professor 124,383
JUGE FRANK Professor 124,363
ANDREWS ANNA Research Associate 124,050
NOSS REED Professor 124,036
MASSIAH CAROLYN Lecturer 123,722
MOORE JEFFREY Professor 123,588
SMART ERNEST Research Associate 123,482
MCHONE WARREN Professor 123,432
YUAN JIANN-SHIUN Professor 123,294
CARBONE THOMAS Research Associate 123,165
HANDBERG ROGER Professor 123,106
CAMPINS HUMBERTO Professor 123,011
CAVANAGH THOMAS Faculty Administrator 122,400
VAN CAULIL KAREN Dir Medical/Hlth Admin 122,400
GONZALEZ AVELINO Professor 121,951
HELMS TERRENCE Assoc Vp Univ Rel/Pub Affairs 121,907
ABDEL-ATY MOHAMED Professor 121,871
MACKOWN PATRICIA Asoc Vp Student Affs 121,443
SWEET HAVEN Professor 121,336
FELDHEIM MARY Associate Professor 120,650
AL-DEEK HAITHAM Professor 120,623
KASSAB ALAIN Professor 120,362
YERKES WILLIAM Faculty Administrator 120,090
BOHLEN PATRICK Professor 120,000
RAISSI ALI Faculty Administrator 119,243
BUSHY ANGELINE Professor 119,037
COOPER CHARLES Professor 119,001
AROIAN KAREN Professor 118,955
EASTES RICHARD Assistant Scholar/Scientist/Engineer 118,874
MILES DELBERT Professor 118,727
ROHLFING ROBERT Research Associate 118,711
ROSS LEE Associate Professor 118,529
SCHULZGEN AXEL Professor 118,450
MULLIN THOMAS Associate Professor 118,448
BOWDON MELODY Associate Professor 118,323
SUNDARAM KALPATHY Professor 118,225
WORTHY GRAHAM Professor 117,921
MOSHELL JACK Professor 117,695
BRADLEY LINDA Faculty Administrator 117,288
NYE WILLIAM Professor 117,258
LIOU KUOTSAI Professor 117,222
BEILER ROSALIND Associate Professor 116,952
PETERSON ANGELA Asoc Vp Student Affs 116,919
SULLIVAN BERRY Research Associate 116,863
MULLER MARK Professor 116,810
LI GUIFANG Professor 116,397
KINCAID JOHN Graduate Research Professor 116,080
WALTON ROXANE Dir Hum Res/Per Rel 115,737
NORVELL DAVID Dir Sustain Energy Mgt 115,730
AJAYI RICHARD Associate Professor 115,725
WINK DIANE Professor 115,647
MILMAN ADY Professor 115,383
HUGGINS MARY Instructor 115,342
MURADOV NAZIM Research Associate 115,312
PEARSON STACEY Dir Univ Counsel Ctr 115,267
DEXTER NADINE Faculty Administrator 115,194
WICK BARRY Faculty Administrator 115,003
DEEMER BARRY Dir Fac Planning 115,000
LEON STEVEN Lecturer 115,000
GILKESON JAMES Associate Professor 114,976
SWAMI MUTHUSAMY Program Director 114,782
LIEBERMAN RITA Professor 114,645
HEINRICH MARK Associate Professor 114,424
WAHID PARVEEN Professor 114,412
DWYER PEGGY Associate Professor 114,398
LARSON TIMOTHY Erp Consultant 114,267
MARTIN HEATH Associate Professor 113,927
SOUDERS JOHN Research Associate 113,600
OMLI STEVEN Dir Bus & Fin/Aux Svc 113,424
RAMANLAL PRADIPKUMAR Associate Professor 113,382
FORD CAMERON Associate Professor 113,335
NORRIS ANNE Professor 113,300
PARKER DANNY Research Associate 113,237
GUHA RATAN Professor 113,160
RIVERS CECELIA Faculty Administrator 113,033
BURKE SHAWN Associate Professor 112,491
FERNANDEZ-VALLE CRISTINA Associate Professor 112,393
WANSBURY TIMOTHY Research Associate 112,270
JENSEN BERNARD Associate Professor 112,212
ADAMS KENNETH Professor 112,184
BERSIA JOHN Professor 111,966
LANEY DAVID Asoc Vp Admin Affs 111,892
FABIANIC DAVID Professor 110,779
HARTZLER CHRISTI Dir Univ Housing 110,777
MCCLELLAN TAMMIE Program Director 110,734
HORNIK STEVEN Lecturer 110,729
WELCH JUDITH Associate Professor 110,653
VILSACK REBECCA Dir It Financials Systems 110,351
PATTANAIK SUMANTA Associate Professor 110,103
PORTER ROBERT Lecturer 110,000
KALAGHCHY SAFVAT Program Director 109,815
ROUSH PAMELA Associate Professor 109,575
PLAMONDON BRIAN Associate In 109,512
TROUARD DAWN Professor 109,432
EHREN BARBARA Professor 109,337
DUPUIS MARTIN Associate Professor 109,252
JANZ BRUCE Professor 109,133
GAMBLE SHERYL Asst Dir Med/Hlth Adm 109,125
BINDELL JEFFREY Lecturer 109,122
SOHN YONGHO Professor 109,112
PAGE MARY Librarian 109,000
VERICA ROBERT Research Associate 108,992
WEISHAMPEL JOHN Professor 108,811
CHANG NI-BIN Professor 108,612
VIEIRA ROBIN Faculty Administrator 108,445
KOROSEC RONNIE Associate Professor 108,289
TRUMAN BARBARA Faculty Administrator 108,212
WATSON MONTEL Dir Physical Plant 108,171
SCHOENFELD WINSTON Associate Professor 108,150
JOHNSON MARK Professor 108,028
SEPULVEDA JOSE Associate Professor 107,918
BACKMAN DOUGLAS Dir Res Prog/Svcs 107,895
GOMEZ FERNANDO Professor 107,777
MOSLEHY FAISSAL Professor 107,613
GARIBAY OZLEM Research Associate 107,602
TESONE DANA Professor 107,345
FOROOSH HASSAN Associate Professor 107,303
BOYD BRIAN Univ Registrar 107,100
YONG JIONGMIN Professor 106,634
CHOI YOON Associate Professor 106,603
SEAY DONALD Professor 106,506
OROOJI ALI Associate Professor 106,488
RAPPORT MARK Professor 106,276
SHEN ZHENG Professor 106,260
REEDY ROBERT Faculty Administrator 106,131
JONES W Professor 105,851
BORDEN MARGARET Asst Vp Inst Knowlege Mgt 105,826
BYERS JACQUELINE Professor 105,604
JUDD ANDREW Associate Professor 105,089
PITTMAN JOHN Asst Vp Admin Affairs 105,008
BEAULIEU ANNE Dir Adv/Alumni Affs 105,000
NISBETT NANCY Dir Res Prog/Svcs 105,000
TARR RONALD Research Associate 104,687
PARK HOON Associate Professor 104,337
BORDE STEPHEN Associate Professor 104,149
NASER SALEH Professor 104,082
HENNIG LINDA Faculty Administrator 104,050
OBRIEN JEFFREY Faculty Administrator 104,050
SCHATZ SARAH Assistant Professor 104,030
VOGEL-WALCUTT JENNIFER Assistant Professor 104,030
HULSEY ANDREW Dir Telecommunications 103,904
ENNIS THOMAS Dir Systems And Operations 103,903
HALE ELIZABETH Dir Enterprise Appls Develop 103,898
HARRISON CARLTON Associate Professor 103,716
GALLAGHER SHAUN Professor 103,695
CORZINE HAROLD Professor 103,134
BURROUGHS DANIEL Research Associate 103,000
SCHLOW STEPHEN Lecturer 102,867
DA VITORIA LOBO NIELS Associate Professor 102,819
LESTER CONNIE Associate Professor 102,686
ROSS JEROME Dir Small Bus Dev 102,561
HAGEN SCOTT Associate Professor 102,459
OLOUFA AMR Professor 102,362
CHEN RUEY-HUNG Professor 102,297
CANNON JOHN Professor 102,027
HELSINGER JAMES Faculty Administrator 101,904
WALTERS LINDA Professor 101,860
DIEKER LISA Professor 101,858
ALLEN FRANK Faculty Administrator 101,734
PARSA HARAGOPAL Associate Professor 101,731
CAMPIGLIA ANDRES Professor 101,697
FRANCIS MADISON Professor 101,662
WIENKE WILFRED Professor 101,628
ROBINSON GREGORY Dir Purchasing 101,532
BLAIR TIMOTHY Professor 101,244
CHOPRA MANOJ Associate Professor 101,138
SCHOTT JAMES Professor 101,063
KETTLES COLLEEN Program Director 101,000
KOTNOUR TIMOTHY Professor 100,994
PATEL HETAL Pharmacist 100,960
OETJEN DAWN Professor 100,862
MOHAPATRA RAM Professor 100,717
CHEW PHYEKENG Associate Professor 100,468
KING VALARIE Dir Ed/Train Progs 100,345
WELCH KERRY Asoc Vp Student Affs 100,323
WIEGAND RUDOLF Assistant Professor 100,125
HEPNER LYNN Faculty Administrator 100,117
AMEZCUA CORREA RODRIGO Assistant Professor 100,000
KUTKUT NASSER Lecturer 100,000
VALDEZ CARLOS Lecturer 100,000