UPDATE: Read FSU Elections Commission Ruling, See Slideshow from Meeting

The incumbent party at Florida State University’s Student Government Association has been disqualified, the FSU SGA Election Commission ruled Monday night.

KnightNews.com has independently confirmed with a Progress Coalition spokesperson that, “The violation whose penalty calls for immediate dismissal was sustained.”

That violation centered around not filing proper campaign financial paperwork. At UCF, SGA leaders don’t require the filing of any such paperwork, which has led to criticism in the past.

“They have 24 hours to appeal and we will be submitting a appeal for one of the other violations,” the Progress Coalition spokesperson told KnightNews.com.

According to local media reports following the meeting, the Ignite party was also accused of using state resources to help obtain T-shirts to promote its own campaign. However, the Progress Coalition told KnightNews.com the accusations actually centered around yard signs and stickers.

Tallahassee CBS affiliate WCTV filed this report with video of the meeting:

KnightNews.com is continuing to follow this breaking news, and is working to find video of the meeting to post, along with more information.

Right now it’s not exactly clear what will happen next to all the Ignite elected offices in limbo, including that of Rueben Stokes, who had thought he was elected president by a sweeping margin just days ago.

Some members of the commission recommended a new election. “However there is nothing in statutes to call for such an election,” Adam Arnold, the Progress Coalition Chair, told KnightNews.com Monday night.

Check back for updates, as we wait to find out what the FSU Supreme Court may do regarding this unprecedented move out of the state’s capital.