UPDATE 10:30 P.M.  Sources say the impeachment affidavits were filed due to a refusal by the A&SF Committee, which allocates a proposed multi-million dollar SGA budget, to view a budget packet submitted by the Graduate Student Association on the December 2, 2011 A&SF Budget Commitee Meeting. According to these sources, the affidavits were filed by a graduate student.

We spoke with Josh Miller who says “this impeachment is completely frivolous and has no merit.” Miller was unaware that this situation was ensuing and says the person who filed the impeachment is simply upset because the budget committee would not directly fund them.

Wes Jones motioned to dismiss the proposed budget during the A&SF meeting and Josh Miller approved this motion. Such dismissal is being called unconstitutional.

We will continue to provide updates as we get them.


Wes Jones & Josh Miller

Impeachment affidavits have been levied in SGA against SGA Comptroller Joshua Miller and Speaker of the Senate Wes Jones.

KnightNews.com’s sources are saying it could be related to the ongoing funding battle between SGA and the Graduate Student Association.

This is the first impeachment affidavit filed since last year’s affidavit filed against then SGA President Mike Kilbride.

KnightNews.com is working to gather more information on this breaking news, and will update you when we learn more.

Check back for updates.

View the ASF meeting minutes here: http://ucfsga.com/files/asf-meeting-minutes/A&SF%20Minutes%2012-2-11.pdf