The UCF Greek community came together on Thursday night for Alpha Delta Pi’s Cheers for Charity event benefiting the Ronald McDonald House.

-Alpha Xi Delta won overall


-Delta Tau Delta won the competition for fraternities.

-Pi Beta Phi won the competition for sororities.

Check for more videos on the next page. Sorry for the delay, we had to use a backup photographer because our normal one had to go out of town.

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  1. I would just like to point out that in the rules packet it said that “raunchiness”, double stacking stunts, as well as other things was not allowed in routines. So although I agree that these groups (those mentioned in”Real Results”) may have done well, the reason they may not have placed could be due to the fact that points may have been deducted for things that most of the general audience did not know was illegal.

    This type of thing happens A LOT in sports with judging. The placements awarded at the competition were also based on donations and participation of squads before the actual competition.

    The teams that won worked really hard and did an amazing job! They deserve to be recognized for their effort and dedication to the competition as well as their support for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

  2. SO apparently ADPi jacked up their results and have issued statements correcting their announcement. Placement for the cheer competition ONLY actually went as follows. (As for the money raised and what not, that’s a whole other story.)

    Fraternity Cheer:
    1.) Beta Theta Pi
    2.) Delt Tau Delta
    3.) Phi Delt Theta

    Sorority Cheer:
    1.) Delta Delta Delta
    2.) Zeta Tau Alpha
    3.) Kappa Delta

    ^ Now doesn’t this make a lot more sense now?

    I still don’t understand their scoring system and how this matches up to what was announced, BUT their President confirmed the information above.

  3. what happened? half the videos arent posted and the ones that are seriously suck. The camera keeps shaking or not even filming the stage.

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