UPDATE: According to UCF Communication Coordinator Courtney Gilmartin, SGA has so far spent $8,538.80 on Passing of the Gavel. The money for the event came from the 2011-2012 A&SF budget, specifically the SGA Executive Branch’s administration budget line.



Last Monday, the Student Union’s Pegasus Ballroom was reserved for an annual event funded by SGA called The Passing of the Gavel.


Every year SGA holds this event, essentially in its own honor, mainly to praise the current student body president’s administration and to formally hand off its powers to the newly elected representatives. Speeches were given and lavish awards and plaques were handed out.


The event planners went all out this year, providing an extravagant four-course meal complete with appetizers, spring salad, main course and cheesecake for dessert. Also, professional DJs and photographers were hired. In fact, guests enjoyed having their portraits taken on the red carpet in the hallway.

According to an SGA senator, the party was accountable for an estimated $8,000 to $10,000 of student dollars. This may be troubling to some, especially when tuition costs are on the rise here at UCF.

However, SGA senators don’t seem to think there is much of a problem with the spending, and enjoyed the ceremony. The same senator from above stated, “I make sure I get the most out of our budget. Sure, I’d like to see the money spent elsewhere, but the money spent on this party is really only a small fraction of SGA’s funding.”

Is this traditional UCF event too expensive for its purposes? You decide, and check back to Knightnews.com for updates on SGA spending.