was at the inaugural meeting of the 45th Senate as they elected a new Speaker of the Student Government Senate. Anthony King was elected as the new Speaker of the Senate in a 31-18-0 vote as he defeated Senator Jackie Graham.

King previously served as Deputy Pro-Tempore of the Senate before he ran for SGA Student Body President in Spring of 2012 where he lost to current SGA student body President Cortez Whatley.


During the election process, Senators were allowed to ask questions, one student Senator asked how King would do things different than the previous speaker, Wes Jones, who was in attendance of the meeting as a spectator.

King responded saying, “I’d like to make a shout out to Wes in the back right now. He had some good times and bad times, we worked hand in hand a lot.” King went on to say, “What happened with the 44th was that we went through a lot, with GSA, etc. That kind of set off the 44th to go in a certain direction. There was some personal issues and bias involved, especially with the GSA. I think overall Wes did the best he could do, probably none of us wanted to be in that position.”

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