As college students most of us are on a budget that does not allow us to eat out very often, and with Halloween only three weeks away many students have cut back on dining out and are trying to eat healthier instead. But let’s face it, we all deserve to treat ourselves and cheat on our budgets every now and then. So here are several healthy restaurant options in the UCF area that won’t break your wallet.

Jimmy Hulas is a unique restaurant off of University Blvd. that is known for their awesome burgers and fish tacos. Burgers and tacos might not seem like the healthiest choice but with their “go naked” option you can enjoy the same great food for fewer calories. You can choose from all of the different tacos Jimmy Hulas offers and get it naked by replacing the shell for a lettuce wrap. You can get any of the burgers they have and get it naked by going bun-less. They also offer the “go naked” option for their specialty bowls where you can replace lettuce for the rice.

Feel like treating yourself to breakfast instead but still don’t want to spend too much money? Just head on over to B2 Café, also known as Bagel Bagel. This restaurant is located in the University Commons plaza, where you can find many different healthy options like breakfast wraps and egg sandwiches. Their deliciously fresh bagel melts are the most popular item off their menu. They have eight different types of bagel melts ranging from a turkey sausage melt to a bacon tomato melt.

Last but not least is the ever popular restaurant Designer Greens on Alafaya Trail. If you’re craving a tasty salad or the ultimate panini sandwich this is the place to go. The best part about this restaurant, besides the prices, is that along with the chef designed salads they also have a design your own salad option. This is beneficial to you, and your diet, because you get to decide exactly what goes into your salad.


So what’re you waiting for! Go treat yourselves without breaking your wallet or diet at one of the many healthy restaurant options in the UCF area.