UCF has officially announced they will halt all Greek activities including socials, new member education and initiation activities in order to work with fraternities and sororities on comprehensively addressing alcohol and hazing issues according to the UCF Fraternity and Sorority Life webpage which can be found here: http://FSL.sdes.ucf.edu/.

All fraternities and sororities at UCF are prohibited from holding socials, new member education, or initiation activities. However, they will be allowed to hold normally scheduled chapter meetings. UCF is hoping to have this ban lifted by the end of spring semester for most chapters.


Maribeth Ehasz, vice president of Student Development and Enrollment Services sent out an e-mail to fraternity and sorority presidents on Wednesday afternoon saying, “Chapter activities will resume when we are satisfied that our Greek culture reflects the values of the UCF Creed and, more importantly, that we can ensure compliance with laws and university regulations governing hazing and alcohol.”

Philanthropy events held by chapters must be specifically approved by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.Students living in the Greek houses on campus will still be allowed to stay there as long as they remain financially current and follow the rules of the University.

This ban comes a day after hundreds of UCF Greek students attended Delta Delta Delta’s annual D-HOP event, which raised thousands of dollars for the St.Jude’s hospital fund. Due to UCF banning all philanthropic activities unless approved by OFSL, these events will no longer be able to happen until further notice.

Students reacted to the suspension very quickly, a Facebook event called “UCF Greek Life Sit In Protest” had 400 attending within hours of the event being made. The creator of the event, a Greek student at UCF wrote, “This is still in its infancy. As previously stated, this is just a place holder for what COULD potentially become a united Greek event. Presidents need to get in contact and come to an understanding, but until that time, hopefully this can serve as an arena for concerned members to voice opinions and ideas, and channel their feelings and thoughts into productive and proactive actions, rather than rash, irresponsible outbursts that will only continue to hurt the Greek community.”

Video of Greek students raising money for St.Jude’s Hospital fund the day before UCF suspended Greek Life:



  1. To the “Get over yourselves”…you need to go back to sleep. I am very much against hazing and believe that the chapter should be punished IF that is the case. And if it was my daughter’s chapter I would feel the same way! But if you try and tell me that binge drinking is just in the Greek community you are COMPLETELY WRONG! It is a college trait and happens with sports teams as well. Maybe you should realize that these kids that drink themselves to death are taught this at home not at college!! My daughter happens to be a straight A student, raises thousands of dollars for a wonderful philanthropy and is headed to graduate school in the fall (in which she was accepted to UCF but will NOT be going there now), so obviously I don’t condone that behavior. I think UCF should probably ban all students from doing anything and see where that get’s them, including ALL sports functions as well. BTW, EVERYONE is drunk and falling down on Bourbon Street….Hello, it’s New Orleans and if they were underage then I guess there should be better measures of selling alcohol to underage kids. I have seen plenty of adults doing the same thing so trust me it’s not just Greeks! So I suggest you get over yourself!!

  2. I was so disappointed when I saw that UCF had banned all Greek activities at the University. I respect the dilemma of how to protect the students while unacceptable behavior was conducted, but punishing all the organizations is not the answer.
    The motivations for joining fraternities and sororities vary but the benefits are enormous. Membership greatly enriches the college experience. On a large college campus, such as UCF, finding a group of friends can make a tremendous difference in feeling integrated into school life versus feeling like just another student number. I know that fraternities and sororities foster school spirit which benefits the university by creating strong alumni support and encourages national following.
    I agree the groups accused of hazing or alcohol misconduct should be penalized. If the accusations are confirmed, then pull their charter and revoke their position on campus.
    UCF encourages ALL students at the university to participate in educational sessions on the dangers of alcohol abuse and the seriousness of hazing. Most students are responsible and it is unfair to isolate Greek members.
    I hope you will consider my letter as a plea to re-evaluate your position on banning all Greek activities indefinitely. The looming threat of no ending date on this ban is very dramatic and is causing increased anxiety for the students and parents.

  3. As a UCF Alumn I can say, if they want for the campus to be alcohol-free, then get rid of Wackadoos… There, problem solved. I was not a part of Greek life, mainly because I am foreign and I am very individualistic. But I have met countless Greek members from past and present and they have all been good people. It’s not all about the parties, they do good things for the community.

  4. Disappointed in my fellow greek peers for making irresponsible and immature decisions involving underage drinking, hazing and reckless behavior that puts a bad title to greek life. We should be about more than that and rise above the rest of the student body as leaders. However, I am also truly disappointed with my school. The University of Central Florida needs to support their organizations and work with us rather than against us. I wish we could ALL work together.

  5. …blah blah blah- I don’t like Greek life so I’ll stereotype everyone in it. I’m unsatisfied with my life so I’ll just hate those who are better than me. I’m close-minded so I’ll shut out the numbers that indicate Greeks are more successful than non-Greeks. Eventually, I’ll call myself part of the bottom 99% because I lack the self confidence to strive to be the top 1%. I’ll call it unfair and my life will be subsidized because I’m an excuse maker. Thank God Obama won so my cycle of self-righteous mooching can continue.

    …That’s what y’all sound like to us.

  6. As a UCF alum, and a Frater in Tau Kappa Epsilon, I can honestly say that the fraternities do a tremendous amount of good. That’s not to say that all Greeks are angels, but the shear dollars and cents that Greeks raise for both the school and their respective charities can’t be ignored.

    Let’s not portray this as a Greek vs. Non-Greek issue. That really has nothing to do with it. It’s not about paying for friends, or anything like that. It’s about paying for membership into an organization that, in my case, helped me grow as a man. My affiliation with the TKE has helped me both in school, and in my professional career.

    I never quite understood the connection between Greek life and the school anyway. Just because you ban official social events doesn’t mean the house parties will stop. That’s especially true for the organizations without on-campus housing. All this ban is doing is attempting to disrupt the communication among Greeks. You can’t tell a group of friends that they aren’t allowed to hang out with another group of friends. You can deny them money, but to my knowledge, UCF was never a big financial factor in how we ran TKE.

    My advice to the current Brothers and Sisters of all of the Greek organizations is this: don’t let the school control you. This is a perfect time in your life to start great things, and you can’t do that by taking a back seat. Greek organizations were founded as secret societies. I think it’s probably better that way, since it’s much easier to get things done without external hindrances like UCF getting in the way.

  7. I was in a frat and maybe I’m in the minority here but it’s kind of a waste of money. Pay to have friends? I dropped out after 2 years. Obviously Greeks give the most money to colleges. They come from money, which gets them into the Greek Life in the first place. There doesn’t need to be a social hierarchy in college. Join a club, focus on your career path and live your life. Most people join to get something selfish out of it anyway. I’d rather do things the old fashioned way and get a job because I am skilled and qualify for the position, not because the boss was also in the same frat at some college across the country. I’m doing fine, and you all will be fine too.

  8. To the “very Disappointed Parent” who feels her senior daughter and her friends “really deserves their socials”, you need to wake up. The only thing your child deserves is a place to get a quality education and to have a safe environment in which to do that. Too often children are dying bc of alcohol poisoning which are often facilitated by fraternity and sorority functions. Sure it’s not only Greek kids drinking themselves to death but it is certainly a higher percentage. As for the Socials, I was in New Orleans a month ago and came across multiple fraternity socials going on at our hotel and on Bourbon Street. These kids were hammered stumbling up and down the street, and a vast majority were underage. If you condone that behavior from your daughter and her friends good for you, but don’t act like the world will end if the University doesn’t support it. The next time a kid at UCF drinks themselves to death and the family sues, how about you cut the settlement cheque so that the tax payers aren’t on the hook.

  9. I hope all of the UCF Alumni that are Greek stop donating money.. then we’ll see how fast pres hitt stops the ban

  10. In regards to the person “who cares” that comment… It obvious that you are a GDI, making your statement completely bias. Because you aren’t apart of a fraternity you can not and will never realize the bond that is created between brothers… Being in a fraternity goes much further than the years spent at a university, you claim that chapter as your own for the rest of your life… Also the fact that so much good ,done by the UCF Greek community, is negated by a single act, is unjust.

  11. Let’s be honest here: binge drinking in mass is not a Greek Life thing. It’s a college thing. So shouldn’t they suspend all student actions and meetings until others a properly educated as well? Doing stupid stunts and hurting one another is not group-specific. YouTube pranks and such reveals it is just a general college trait.

    Before you punish Greek Life, figure out how they are so different from everyone else I’m their actions. And if you can’t see that, spend one night visiting the local bars and walking around a student apartment complex like Peg Landing.

    Greek Life truly brought out the best in people.

  12. Funny how UCF does not take into account all of the Greek Organizations do in this school. Delta House of Pancakes raised about $12,000 last year for St. Jude Hospital, Sigma Chi actually raised $10,000 for The Huntsman Cancer Institute last month. All of the Fraternities and Sororities should not be punished because of UNSUBSTANTIATED claims to hazing. Knight News should be posting about the GOOD with the bad, not just the bad. I am tired of hearing about the bad things Sigma Chi and others are SUPPOSEDLY doing on this site. What about the business and medical fraternities with small numbers that are going to be affected by recruitment being halted? Those are the real stories that should be written about. Where is DHOPs own story? Not just the side story of a tragic issue in the Greek Community.

  13. Greek organizations may do some charitable work, but they’re still just social clubs. The university would be better off without them.

  14. UCF is making a massive mistake by suspending all Greek Life activities. While life isn’t fair, it’s absolutely absurd to punish the entire Greek community because of the actions of a few. Not only does the Greek community have one of the highest GPA’s out of campus groups, but the Greeks also donate their time and thousands of dollars to philanthropies AND UCF each semester! If it weren’t for Greek Life, UCF wouldn’t receive some of their alumni donations.
    Sadly, the highly popular website, totalfratmove.com has glamorized some of the wrongs the UCF Greek community has been accused of. As someone who was extremely active in the UCF Greek system, I can proudly say that our organizations are nothing like those found on TFM. While we may talk a “fratastic” game, UCF Greeks know when to reel in their actions and respect our chapter’s members, as well as others.
    UCF-do not punish the entire Greek community for the stupid actions of a small group. I understand that the university wants to educate our system about the dangers of binge drinking and the extreme legal consequences of hazing; however, there are more effective ways of doing so, rather than halting the function of a massive campus organization.

  15. Obviously you need to deal with the situation but to punish every sorority and fraternity is ridiculous!! My daughter is a senior in her sorority that was just realeased to have socials because of an incident that had NOTHING to do with her sorority yet they were punished for it. I never saw anything in the news apologizing to them for the accusations UCF and the news blamed on them. These kids really deserve their socials and new member education. It also sickens me that they are only allowed to hold so many philanthropy functions per year when they are raising money for children! UCF you really should support them if you ever want funds to return to your school from future Alumni! Greek life happens to be VERY successful at other locals schools…..maybe you should take a lesson from them!!!

  16. Well this is a cute non-biased article. I love the way you throw in the bit about them raising money like that at all counteracts the dangers and damage of Greek Life.

  17. This is outrageous. How can they punish all greek life for the actions of a few? There are plenty of benefits of greek life on campus to outweigh the negative actions of a few greek organizations. This is not only unfair, but it’s wrong. This is like expelling all students from a class because a few of them cheated. That would never happen because the other students didn’t do anything wrong. Same situation here. The other greek organizations have not done a single thing wrong. And yet they are punished for it. UCF, I am thoroughly disappointed and disgusted by you.

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