Several new records released by the Univeristy of Central Florida show housing issues that James Seevakumaran was facing, including an unpaid bill from UCF for thousands of dollars.

Students commend UCFPD for their efforts in saving many lives.

Beginning in early August of 2012, Seevakumaran was sent several notifications over the course of several months notifying him of due balances, late fees for lack of payment and an intent to re-key his dorm room. A notice sent on February 25, 2013 notified Seevakumaran that his key card access to his room had been temporarily restricted until he payed his balance of over $7000 owed to UCF Housing.


On February 21, 2013, soon after the beginning of the Spring semester, a letter informed Seevakumaran that in order to remain as a resident in the dorms, nine credit hours had to be taken per semester at UCF. The letter does say that exceptions can be made to this rule for specific reasons such as if a student only needs a particular number of credit hours to graduate, taking more courses at a community college, medical or health concerns or courses needed were not available.

Police responded to a 911 call on Monday and found James Seevakumaran dead due to an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Upon further investigation, police found four explosive devices, two guns and around a thousand rounds of ammunition. On top of that, they found a plan that Seevakumaran had created to attack students at UCF.

UCF Vice President Martibeth Ehasz sent a letter to residents on of the school’s dorm system on Thursday assuring them that UCF is a safe campus.

“We are safe because staff members, faculty members and students work diligently with the UCF Police Department to create a safe campus environment for academic, professional and personal achievement,” Ehasz stated.

In terms of the questions of why a 30-year old was allowed to live in the dorms, the answer is simple — UCF can’t discriminate based on age.

“UCF does not discriminate or restrict housing to students on the basis of many categories, including race, religion, ethnicity and age. Pursuing a UCF degree is open to all qualified students, and that experience often includes living on campus,” Ehasz said in the letter.

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