UCF officials held a press conference Tuesday afternoon updating the public about the planned attack at the UCF campus and releasing a video of police entering the dorm room early Monday morning–only to find the lifeless body of James Seevakumaran, the man believed to have been planning a large attack on campus.

James Seevakumaran

Police Chief Beary said James Seevakumaran left behind a list which described his plan to carry out his attack. Each time Seevakumaran completed a task, he crossed that item off of the list. The last thing on the list said “give them hell,” Beary said.

Some of the items on the last (pictured below) were:

11:15 head to Madhatter
1:30 leave and head back / get bags
2:00 Take shower
2:30 prepare
2:55 put up YouTube, etc.
3:00 pull alarm
3:05 “good luck and give them hell!”

Officials also said they found around one-thousand rounds of ammunition inside the dorm room.

Authorities discovered Seevakumaran had two packages delivered on March 12 in the UCF mailroom which contained a weapon-related materials including magazine clips, a Blackhawk tactical sling and training DVD on proper shooting and use of a laser.

Listen to the 911 audio below: Warning: content may be graphic.

Seevakumaran’s family issued a statement, agreeing that he was a loner, but never had any past violence issues.

Handwritten note from Seevakumaran

“The family of James Oliver Seevakumaran states that James was a loner and did not have a history of violence. The family does not wish to make any further comments to the media, and they are requesting privacy during this difficult time.”

The motive is not clear at this time, Beary said.

A police officer was in Tower 1 last, UCF Spokesperson Grant Heston said. That will continue for the foreseeable future, he said.

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