Officials have released video footage from a body camera worn by police who entered the tower one dorm at UCF early Monday morning.

Watch the video below: Warning graphic content.


Police entered the dorm with weapons drawn while the fire alarm was still activated. Upon entering gunman James Oliver Seevakumaran’s room, police found his body as well as both weapons, which are visible on the floor in the gunman’s room.

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  1. UCFmom,

    He checked the pulse. Do you not realize his head was missing from his body. I recognize you are probably not familiar with trauma and combat, but when someone’s head is virtually missing, it is tough to live. Did you want the officer to breath into the blood 6 inch hole on the back of his head or the bloody 2 inch hole on the side?

    Read the officers report, the brain matter was on the wall and oozing from his head and he was dis colored. He had been likely dead for several minutes. The dispatch notes release show it was likely an hour earlier he was dead. It took 40 minutes to get keys to the apartment according to the radio cad log.

  2. I find it disturbing that our fearless UCF cops did not administer to the body to see if revival was possible.

  3. Why was a 30 year old “student” not attending any classes still living in the towers? I was a transfer sophomore and still number 200 something on the waiting list.

  4. Good on these guys for being proactive and getting to the scene quickly, but they need better training as far as team tactics.

    The officer with the M16 flagged his teammates there. Good thing that guy was already dead. If not, there would have been a high probability of friendly fire when the sh** hit the fan.

  5. How is the alarm on fishy? It’s still and emergency scenario. Furthermore, most industrial alarm systems require a fire department to deactivate them for safety reason.

  6. It’s not fishy at all that the alarm is still going on. I used to live in that building two years ago and the fire alarm would go off somewhat frequently (drunk kids pull them all the time). It always took a very long time for the alarm to be turned off, even when nothing was going on; you have to remember it’s a building that houses 500 students, there is a lot to check and the alarms are supposed to remain on until all is clear. Plus, I’m sure that since there was a man with a gun in the building they probably only allowed in the officials absolutely needed to prevent casualties, so it actually makes sense that it would take even longer for the alarm to get turned off.

  7. “Libertygirl” you’ve obviously never lived in the towers before… the fire alarm stays on until the threat or investigation of a fire is over. I’ve lived in tower 1, and once we had a grease fire and the alarm was on for over 25-30 min. Nothin fishy about this monster. This video needed to be published, and his roommate needs to get some form of recognition for the lives he saved.

  8. LIbertygirl you are so dumb. They left the alarm on because they still needed to keep people out of the building. At that point there could have been more suspects, more bombs, etc..they did not know what they were dealing with. It would have been bad to turn it off.

  9. Not at all strange. When I lived in Tower 3 we had the alarm pulled and problems with it. Every time it went off for 20+ minutes.

  10. thank you for posting this video! it is really important that everyone sees how situations are being handled and what these officers did to keep us safe.

  11. It’s fishy because they didn’t shut off the alarm? You can’t be serious…

    What exactly are you looking for?

  12. over 10 minutes & they couldn’t shut the alarm off?! Sorry, but this story smells very FISHY.

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