The first class James Seevakumaran took in college was college algebra in Spring of 2004 — it resulted in a “D” letter grade.

After that first class, Seevakumaran’s college grades ranged widely — with some semesters consisting of only “A’s” and “B’s” and others with “F’s” and withdrawals.

Newly obtained transcripts show UCF gunman James Seevakumaran’s entire academic record spanning seven years worth of grades between Seminole State College and the University of Central Florida.

After graduating from Seminole High School in May of 2001, Seevakumaran didn’t start taking classes until Spring of 2004 and only took a single class that semester. He started again in Fall 2006, this time taking four lower level classes and earning “B’s” and “C’s.”

During his total time at Seminole State College, from 2004 to 2010, Seevakumaran received seven “A’s,” nine “B’s,” nine “C’s,” three “D’s,” seven “F’s” and withdrew from seven classes. Those grades resulted in a 2.311 cumulative GPA and an Associate in Arts degree.

In Fall 2010, Seevakumaran transferred to UCF where he would take classes until Fall 2012. He earned four “A’s,” six “B’s,” ten “C’s,” one “D,” three “F’s” and withdrew from two classes over this span. His final semester enrolled at UCF, Seevakumaran took three upper-level courses, earning a “B-” in one and withdrawing from the other two.

While at UCF, Seevakumaran earned a 2.260 cumulative GPA.

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